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Xbox One X was launched back in the year 2017. It’s been over two years we first heard about it but now it’s finding landed. On the other hand, Xbox One S hit the market back in the year 2016. People are going to be flocking to the shops during the Xbox One Black Friday Deals to pick one up. But if you’re in a situation where you want to buy a new console, you’re thinking you want it to be an Xbox but you’re a little bit torn between the two then you should know the advantages, disadvantages of each.

Xbox One X VS Xbox One S – Comparison

Design –  Let’s talk about the design because both One X and One S are actually quite similar. In terms of volume, they’re more or less identical. If you’re upgrading from an Xbox One S to an Xbox One X it’s gonna sit exactly and use the same cables as well. Design-wise they both are very attractive units though I personally swayed toward X as the color scheme is a lot more friendly for a lot of home entertainment units. But of course it will be down to personal preferences and there will be plenty more color options to come in the future for the X as well as the existing ones of the S.

For instance, Xbox One X has moved the USB port on the front panel to the right-hand side. It ran the back they’ve actually incorporated a little notch above the HDMI. That should make plugging it in when you can’t see what you’re doing all that little bit easier. But the main difference is X is more powerful hardware. It needs a better cooling solution, so on the top of the Xbox One S there is a central fan that exhausts heat that’s completely gone on Xbox One X and it’s completely replaced by a vapor chamber design that is going to be a lot more efficient.

Hardware – Both the consoles are a result of more powerful hardware. Both of them will output in 4K up to 60 frames a second and both support HDR in games, movies and pretty much all applications that do support it. They both got a 4K Blu-ray player so that if you’ve got a collection of UHD Blu-ray, you can pop them in and enjoy the full resolution as long as your TV is HDCP 2.2 certified. If it’s HDR of course you can watch them in HDR but note that there is no double vision support at least at the time of filming but its doubtful that it will actually ever come.

Both consoles are more or less the same when it comes to home entertainment. The same cannot be said when it comes to gaming performance as the two are a very different kettle of fish. The Xbox One S has 1.4 teraflops of gaming performance whereas the X has 6. That’s a big difference and the reason for this difference is because the Xbox One X can output a true 4K gaming experience Asterix. The reason for this asterix is because it pretty much depends on two things. First, it requires you to have a 4K TV with HDR if you want to play in HDR but also you’re going to need an Xbox One X enhanced title. This can mean different things depending on the developer. So you can get no enhancement in which case the game will pretty much be the same on the S and the X.

Speed – For those who want games to load quickly can undoubtedly go for Xbox One X because the console now has 4 gigabytes more memory in a speed that’s actually a lot quicker than before you’re going to get the games that are loading faster as the games are going to be loaded into the memory that little bit quicker. So all in all very package and obviously you’re getting better performance on the Xbox One X versus the Xbox One S.

Moreover, if you’ve got the money for either it doesn’t necessarily make sense to go for the Xbox One X. Firstly you will need a 4K TV for the best results. Microsoft claims that you can downsample to 1080p and it’s gonna look a Lil better. But if that is all you plan to do, I don’t think it would be worth picking up for that reason. However, if you’ve got a 1080p TV now then if you can, of course, upgrade later to get full benefits of 4k. But if you’re more of a media center guy, play a few games here and there then obviously the Xbox One S is gonna be your best bet unless you really care about those visuals. But if you’re sort of in the middle deciding between the two and you’re debating whether it’s worth saving up that a little bit extra bit of money. Well, this way how much do you value graphics settings because if you have a fairly small TV you’re sitting quite far away and you don’t really mind the difference between 30 and 60 frames a second.

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