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According to statistics, WordPress is the most popular site Content Management System (CMS). It gained its popularity due to ease of use and free distribution. In addition, this “engine” has a simple genius interface that is not overloaded with unnecessary buttons. Any beginner can easily manage the site using this platform, since the principles of its operation are understandable at the level of intuition. WordPress accounts for more than 60 million sites worldwide and almost 20% of all global traffic. If someone says that with the help of WordPress plug-ins you can add almost any function to the site, then this person does not deceive you because it is the reality.

As for the functionality, they are truly wide, and in addition they can expand even after loading various plug-ins. Thus, the program has almost inexhaustible capabilities. The basis of WordPress is the layout of web pages with a variety of options for “themes” and CSS tables (Cascading Style Sheets), which allow you to arrange individual blocks, present the same document in different styles, and so on. You also can build a mockup design in softwares such as Adobe XD and then make Adobe XD to WordPress conversion. As you understand, with the help of this program, the design of the Internet resource can be completely at the mercy of your imagination, multiplied by the capabilities of WordPress.

Here are few important details that characterize the WordPress engine as one of the best:

  • In working with the site, you do not need knowledge of the HTML language

  • High degree of security due to the lack of the need to download many third-party programs to create a site

  • WordPress invulnerability thanks to periodic updates from developers

  • Personal editing access – each site administrator can have an individual password and login, which, by the way, helps to exclude access to the site of attackers

  • Professional SEO optimization mechanisms to bring your website to the top positions of search engine results

It is worth mentioning right away that some providers who care about their customers can offer you hosting with a pre-installed WordPress CMS. The main requirement for the design of your website is to create a feeling of comfort among visitors. Thanks to the correct positioning of information on the page, easy to read text and convenient navigation, the user evokes positive emotions. Therefore, it is so important to think carefully about the appearance.

A variety of WordPress themes or templates will help you customize your site. The main task of customization is to create an user friendly interface for the visitor that the owner tried specifically for him, that is, all the work can easily done in the WordPress to meet the personal needs of this particular person. Your website must look suitable to use for everyone, it must be flawless in short and with the help of WordPress, it can be achieved easily.

WordPress is SEO friendly CSM more than any other CMS. That is why business owners choose WordPress to develop their business websites. There are plug-ins for WordPress such as Yoast SEO which helps to make your website more SEO friendly.

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