Jackets are an attire that you’ll find in every wardrobe no matter where you live and what your gender is. Every single household owns one. They are bought by everyone, everyone loves them. Its like essential clothing. Jackets come in vast categories like Leather Jackets bomber jackets and varsity jackets.

One definite jacket thats holds the most significance in the souls of Americans are “Varsity Jackets”

What is varsity jacket?

Varsity jackets are also called as a letterman jacket. This jacket has letter sewn on it which are is the initial of the team when they are playing any sport. Traditionally it would be the first initial of the player’s school. It is known to be originated from Harvard, first worn by university’s baseball team of 1865.

It is commonly confused with other type of jackets like bomber jacket. The common design that they both share is the collarless and elasticated hem. However, the varsity jacket differs from every jacket it has a buttoned front and they are made from two contrasting colours. Typically they are made from wool body and leather sleeves.

However, today the term varsity jacket is considered any sporty, button closure, collarless jacket and can be crafted from any material from jersey to cotton to leather to suede.

The traditional letterman jackets were more of oversized, unfavourable fit whereas now there are slimmer designs and more fitted ones.

Why are varsity jackets so important to Americans?

Varsity Jackets are simply classical. It is a piece of outerwear which has a rich history. They are available in those colours that aren’t garish, its flexible.

The Letterman Jacket is like a uniform in US high schools. They are alot more than simple jackets. They are integral to the school athletes. They wear it with dignity and gratification. They are emblematic and never been out of fashion in history. These jackets have an emotional connection with Americans.

However, there have been alot of competitions with different designs of jackets. Black Leather Jacket are also chic and so famous in the fashion world. Then there are bomber jackets, biker jackets, denim jackets, blouson jackets, hooded jackets, overcoat, parka, pea coat, trench coat, shearling coat, crombie coat and so much more. There are so many many options for jackets. Despite of all these categories what Americans’ loves the most are “Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket

Ways to wear Varsity Jacket

* Preppy Mens Look:

This look is a classic option for styling letterman jackets. How preppy you want to look is totally upto you. Here are the best looks. Buy a unique varsity jacket, the one with leather sleeves, contrasting cuffs, collar and waistband as well as choose the one which has an initial. Pick that jacket which has a traditional cotton body and prevent colourless jackets. Instead of it go for bright colours its more evocative to college colours and will loom out against the traditional white leather sleeves.

Complete your look with a pair of chinos or even better? Try on a coloured patterned trouser to give you a more waspy look. You can wear polos and plait shirts inside that will help too!

* Sporty Look:

There’s a really easy way to give yourself a sporty look, yet a casual vibe to your attire. A vintage varsity jacket with all classical features is the most trending. With a strong contour and choice of two colours your sporty look would work out well even if you don’t play sports. We’ll help you figure out what exactly to pair it with.

Pair it with joggers, in men style joggers are sporty looking but also more of street-style. Both of them would be a great combo. The joggers are comfortable and would be easy for you to wear and maintain the high-end street style. But to go perfectly together you have to pair them smartly. A basic shirt inside and if you are wearing dark coloured shoes then a light coloured jacket would be perfect. But if you are wearing light coloured joggers then contrast it with a dark pair of joggers.

It will be a balanced look!

* Casual:

We all need a jacket that we can easily compliment it with anything while heading out to shops or pubs. Well, varsity jackets give the most casual look and basically go with everything. Which suit your personal look and make them your iconic casual look.

The preppy, sporty look is more complex while there are really simple letterman jackets that if you throw it on with jeans and a casual top you’ll look perfect.

Find a varsity jacket that goes with all your clothes, a dark coloured letterman is more preferred. Navy and dark burgundy are nice choices for a casual varsity jacket.

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