Do you own a massive number of PDF files that exceed the attachment size limit of several communication platforms including Gmail and Messenger? If yes, it is frustrating because you can’t successfully send them to the recipients. You probably considered converting them back to their original versions and delete data and information. But this will not be applicable if everything that the files contained are relevant to your report. Omitting any paragraphs would make the report incomplete. A more viable solution to this problem is by accessing the compressed PDF tool of PDFBear.  

PDFBear will help you send your files through messaging platforms without any hassle. Through its compressor, it will reduce the file size without altering the quality, formatting, and layout. You can avail of its services for as long as you have a working device and an internet connection. 

Why compress your large PDF files using PDFBear?

Try using any search engine like Google Chrome or Safari to look for tools that can compress PDF files. A few minutes after clicking the search button, it will provide you with more than a hundred to thousands of results. You might be wondering why you should use PDFBear from that long list of websites, applications, and software. Below are the reasons why it is the best platform to reduce the size of your PDF files.

Extremely easy to use

As a student or office worker, you don’t have much time to spare. Since the website understands that you have a busy schedule, it made sure that the compressor that it offers will be extremely easy to use. As a result, you can set your hands on the newly updated file in the quickest possible time. You don’t have to worry about the process even if you are a new user. There is a step-by-step instruction below the toolbox that you can use as a reference whenever you feel clueless about what to do. It will not require you to have certain technical skills and knowledge to make the compressor work. 

How can you use the compressor tool?

The first thing you have to do is to upload the large PDF file on the tool by simply dragging and dropping it to the compression area. After it reaches the database of the website, the tool will initiate compressing the document right away which will take a few seconds if your internet connection is stable. Remember that the larger the file, the longer the process will be but it will not take longer than 5 minutes. When the file size of the uploaded document is successfully reduced, you can now download it to your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can also view it through the website’s PDF viewer if you want to verify if the content looks the same as the original version. Don’t forget to take advantage of the generated link. You just need to share it with your friends, classmates, or colleagues for them to open the document. 

Guaranteed security for your uploaded PDF files

It is hard to trust websites with your important PDF files because there is a high chance that hackers can get them from their databases. After all, everything is now possible with the help of technological tools, right?  But with PDFBear, you should not doubt its capability to secure your uploaded files. It has a strong security system that will prevent malware, viruses, and unauthorized persons from entering its server. Rest assured that the compressed PDF file will not have any viruses that can potentially damage your device when downloaded. If you read the customer security policy, you will know that it implements a 60-minute rule. It states that no files will stay on its database for more than an hour. 

Multi-platform compatibility

The website has multi-platform compatibility which means that it is highly accessible. It is even referred to as the tool for everyone because you can access it regardless of the device that you have. Unlike most applications and software, it can function well on laptops, computers, smartphones, and tablets. You no longer need to borrow your friend’s laptop just to reduce the file size of your PDF. Aside from the device, it is also not particular with the operating system and browser used. You have the freedom to choose from the long list of browsers installed on your device. You just have to make sure that it is reliable to not experience any inconveniences. 

Various file-saving options

One of the most common problems encountered by students and working adults is full memory space. It is annoying because it prohibits you from downloading important documents, applications, and photos. To save the compressed PDF file on your device, it must have sufficient space available to accommodate it. If the device you are using no longer has any extra room for storage, the website will give you an option to save it on online-based storage sites such as Google Chrome and Dropbox. Connect your device to a stable internet and create an account on these platforms. 

Upgrade options to PDFBear Premium

The website will not dictate to you what account to use. You have the freedom to decide if you will avail of the premium account or you will settle with the free account. If you are already satisfied with the performance of the latter, then there is no need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription plan. But if you want to enjoy more benefits in using the website, then upgrade your account to pro. Some of the benefits will include unlimited storage, the absence of advertisements, and a faster process.

In Conclusion

Living in the digital world entails the use of technological tools like PDFBear. You will be at a disadvantage if you choose to heavily rely on human capabilities. With its quick process, you can have the compressed PDF file in just a snap allowing you to successfully send it before the deadline. It has more to offer so make sure to visit its website now!

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