Norton is probably one of the oldest and most used antivirus programs across the globe. For decades it has a huge dedicated fan base and they are using this particular product dedicatedly and genuinely for years. There must be a reason that even if lots of options are there, still these people choose to stick to this particular company! Let us know why you should switch to Norton and which kind of offers and facilities are offered by Norton to their dedicated user base. This company has a serious fan base in the southeast Asian countries and as we know that this zone has huge internet users and mobile phone users; we can assume that Norton has a serious and huge fan base.

The revamped thing!

So Norton came with double speed and efficiency in 2019. They revamped their newest addition to the family; Norton 360. As of now, this is their ultimate product with the highest security guaranteed and the highest facilities offered. So the latest Norton comes with a more improved security feature. Here you will get an online backup software. So you will be able to take backups of your important files and folders online. All these files will stay in the cloud and they will stay safe. The unlimited data VPN system is another added feature to this newest addition to the Norton family. You can browse through as much data as possible and at the end of the day, you will not be disturbed by Norton saying that your safe browsing amount is finished!

Can be used in any medium

This particular product can be used on any type of machine. You can use it on your laptop, your desktop, your mobile, and your tabs as well. This particular product has the characteristics of being used over most of the mediums. Now another important thing is that you can use Norton in as many devices as possible over a period of time. Lots of options and variety are available out there. You have to be calm and then choose the one as per your requirement. You may want to use this product along with your friends and family and that is a wonderful thing. You will end up saving a lot of money if you buy it in packages.

Let’s talk about the free version 

Now about the free version. If you are going to buy the full protection from the Norton security, without your notice, you will end up giving lots of secret information to the company unnecessarily. Say you are going to pay online through your e-banking facilities, but as Norton is there to protect all your transactions, you have to allow this software to know your bank details. Though it sounds odd sometimes people allow things without understanding the wrong effects of these permissions. With the free version, you will be able to use all the features and at the same time, you do not need to allow them to peek into each and everything happening in your private life. You may require Activate Norton Product Key to activate your free version as well!

You don’t need a product key

With the free version, you will not be needing Norton setup with product key! You will be safe as Norton is going to protect you anyhow. Besides, the main thing is that Norton is not available for free. What you will get on the internet is a trial version of two months only.

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