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Being constantly updated while generating interesting income is not an easy task for brands. Given this situation, new roles such as the “Agile Coaching” ICP-ACC (version 2.0 of the “scrum master” or facilitator) become more and more relevant for managers. But what exactly is an Agile Coaching? And why does your company need it? We tell you what is this new profile that is more and more relevant for managers.

How is a Scrum Master Different from an Agile Coaching?

While the scrum master focuses on a single team, the Agile Coaching has a global vision and greater perspective of the entire company and its workers. The Agile Coaching or Virtual Agile Coaching can carry out his work in all the departments that make up the company, being his task to help team members develop professionally. The Agile Coaching works in a sort of change consultant, allowing employees to decide how they do their job better. It is not our task to define how the problems should be resolved, but to locate the main conflicts and notify the team about them, allowing them to decide the best strategy to follow.

Agile Business / Organizational Coach

At this level, the Agile Coaching has incorporated systemic skills, is able to listen to the conversation at the organizational level, do Executive Coaching to the leadership team of the organization, identifies the different organizational cultures and knows about management patterns of cultural change, being able of facilitating strategies to cope and overcome organizational resistance. An agile business coach is able to work at any level of an organization, whether with more operational levels such as strategic, Scrum Masters, Facilitators, Managers, Executives and C-Levels.

Is this Figure more Suitable for Start-ups or for Large Companies?

The implementation of these professionals and the associated practices do not take into account the size of the company, but the problems that a company may face. It would be the appropriate strategy to follow in companies whose business consists in the development of products or services that are directly influenced by consumers and the volatility of their needs.

What are the Best Practices to Work Agile?

The most important practice is to promote transparency in the performance of tasks, projects and work rhythms. The most successful tool would be the use of whiteboards where employees can synchronize tasks and help other team members in their past experiences. The levels of transparency in a company can also be improved thanks to certain rituals such as daily stand-ups, where the next projects are openly presented; or retrospectively, where its success is evaluated posteriori. Transparency is a key element to enable rapid adaptation to change, with all projects being shared before they are carried out and promoting teamwork.

How do you Measure the Success of an Agile Coaching?

In the professional community, there are still great discussions about how we can define our success. What is clear is that we can only measure it in terms of the results obtained by our team? In the same way as a coach you can take help from Microsoft Top. If the team successfully achieved its objectives, the Agile Coaching also did it.

Four Tips to Implement Agile Coaching/Virtual Agile Coaching in your company:

  1. Improves transparency levels of tasks and work rhythms.
  2. Educate team members in the use of agile routines.
  3. Consider it as an experiment that can be successful or not.
  4. Start your implementation from the lowest levels of the company.

Attitudes of an Agile Coaching

Usually the figure of a director, manager and Agile Coaching is often confused, since the director tends to assume roles of a coach, which is very viable, however it is important to differentiate the role that a manager or manager can assume, so that according to the agile methodology the coach is located as a Scrum Master, in charge of ensuring the proper execution of Scrum processes, must be proactive and attentive in the fulfillment of the activities delegated to each team member. He has both leadership and a little humanistic skill, his role tries to bring a more personal connection with the team Virtual Agile Coachingin order to understand their concerns and keep them motivated to achieve the objectives.

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