Are you looking for an electric dirt bike capable of remaining competitive in off-road sports? Needless to say, the Sur Ron X electric vehicle can reach high-performance levels similar to that of a gas-powered dirt bike.

With Sur Ron X’s advanced design, top of the line parts, and performance — the “Light Bee” is one of the most recognized head-turners in the e-bike industry. As demonstrated by Sur Ron X reviews, it’s no wonder why this electric bike received the German Red Dot Award in 2018.

Below you’ll find seven reasons why the Sur Ron X bike is the right choice for your next adventure ride.

1.  Top Motor Performance

How can a Sur Ron X electric bike compete with a bigger bike with a more efficient and powerful gasoline engine? Well, since this Sur Ron electric bike motor features a 5200W (7 bhp) of power, there’s lower energy demand on the battery, making the motor more energy-efficient and run cooler.

With a two-stage drive, this electric bike’s motor runs more efficiently and quietly, even on high RPMs (revolutions per minute) and without producing too much motor heat. What sets light bee apart from other electric bikes is its ability to climb inclined surfaces. The strong motor matched with lightweight build enables this electric motorcycle to scale inclines with ease, which other e-bikes struggle with.

2.  High-Powered Battery

When it comes to electric bike performance, it’s essential to check the battery as it’s the most costly part of the bike. Lightweight, high-power batteries don’t come cheap. The Sur Ron X bike has a massive 60v 32ah battery pack, which is 2000 watt-hours.

To understand how much range you can expect, imagine it has 4x the capacity of today’s production bikes. The battery has Panasonic PF cells in a well-built case that slides in and out of the bike and a microprocessor-based battery management system. You can also expect fast three-hour charging with the high-quality 10 amp 600-watt charger included.

Another fantastic feature of Sur Ron is the regenerative braking system. This aids in hill descents and help charge the battery. However, this system will take some time to get used to as you need to switch the throttle between gas and brake.

3.  Durable Composition

With Sur Ron’s light aluminum frame that weighs only 7.8 kg, some have doubts that this bike can withstand regular use. Created using a 6000-ton press, this bike’s frame is several times lighter and stronger than ordinary aluminum.

The Sur Ron bike’s swingarm has the same construction, which allows it to withstand the pressure and shock of high jumps. Moreover, the quality control involved in manufacturing the e-bike’s frame underwent dynamic high-pressure and impact tests.

4.  Solid Suspension System

The Sur Ron X is designed to handle big jumps and rough roads as it sports a DNM Volcano front suspension with a Fast Ace 8-inch travel inclined rear suspension and RST oil+spring dampening. This makes the e-bike a solid choice for serious off-road rides.

Test drops were done to confirm the durability of the suspension system. This electric vehicle definitely has the best suspension for its type, but of course, it’ll pale in comparison to the suspension found on a gas-powered bike.

5.  Impressive Engineering

Not only are the details of the e-bicycle well thought of, its top speed and aesthetic is also remarkable that it seems as if Honda or Yamaha built it. Add in its custom-built, high-performance parts, and you can see the hard work poured into the creation of this bike.

Sur Ron bike boasts 50cc and can compete with other 110cc bikes. It’s the perfect electric bike to use for young or beginners in off-road riding. From the battery to the controller, this bike is also easy to customize and upgrade performance.

6.  Smooth Ride

Besides the insane amount of power that the Sur Ron e-bike has, another advantage of owning a Sur Ron X is being able to witness firsthand the industry’s most cutting edge technology. Beginning with the spiked off-road tires, impact-resistant spoked wheels, a DNM Volcano front suspension with RST oil+spring dampening, and a Fast Ace 8-inch travel rear suspension — expect softened impacts and maximized off-road versatility.

The Sur Ron X’s unique features include its wonderful heads-up-display (HUD), which shows the speedometer (in kph or mph), battery power, and trip meter. Also, its new Sine Wave X-controller is quieter, smoother, and much powerful than the base model. You may even fancy its new regenerative braking, which you can’t find in the base model.

7.  Good Customer Support

Although Sur Ron being a Chinese company, may cause its after-sales support seem questionable, its US distributor Luna Cycle does its best to address problems raised by customers. The result is made evident in their high buyer ratings.

While replacement parts are unavailable, Luna Cycle found a way by picking new models clean of bits and boxes to help fix customer bikes. What’s more, the distributor provides a wide variety of options for customization and other useful services.

Get the Best Bang for Your Buck

After reading all of Sur Ron X’s good features, you’ll realize how this electric bicycle is a bargain that won’t disappoint. Available for a low price of $3,600, this e-bike is more than your money’s worth. It’s a reliable, solid, good-looking black bike with decades worth of engineering behind its construction.

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