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Are you onto a new boiler? Are you confused about which one to opt for? In this post you will learn about the price range of installing the different types of boilers. Without wasting much time, let us dive into the new boiler installation cost!

Here’s an estimated  installation costs for boilers:

  • Combination boiler installation
  • Back boiler replacement
  • Heat Only (regular) boiler installation
  • System boiler installation

The price of the boiler depends on the boiler size. Before spending money on a boiler, you must seek if it is of a genuine quality. Other than the cost of the installation, you might be charged some extra for extra fittings like:

  • If the gas pipe is undersized and the installer need to re-run it.
  • If the system need condensate pipe and it is being installed for the first time.
  • If the system needs sealing.
  • If your system needs some building work.

Now let’s break down the cost of installing various types of boilers:

Heat only boiler

Heat only boilers are the regular boilers. The function of them are very simple, the boiler works for heating and the cylinder will provide hot water. The cost for replacing an existing boiler to a new room will roughly falls under £1,775. On the other hand, the cost for replacing the boiler in a completely new location will falls under £2,150.

Combi boilers

Combi boilers are convenient and the most energy efficient central heating system. A lot of people are buying combi boilers based on these features as in the modern boilers you need to see these qualities. A lot of people have even showed concerns on saving money over the installation. Get in touch with  boiler installation London to get your new combi boiler.

Depending on the type of boilers, the price are highly dependable. If you go with the Baxi type boiler whose fuel is lead with gas, you need to pay in total £650-£1320. While the Firebird will cost you anywhere around £1380-£4100. Similarly, installation price also varies as per the scenario. Suppose you want to install a new gas combi, it will cost you around £3230-£4350, whereas, when you replace your gas combi (when you need to replace the boiler at the same location), it will cost you around £1270-£2180.

You have to pay for two things while installing the modern combi boiler. One is for the supply expense and other for the installation. The amount will vary depending on the type of brand you choose plus the model and other component parts. If you have decided on replacing your old boiler with a new one, you have to comparatively spend less. The reason behind this is, for replacing the parts, the plumber won’t charge you for the pipework as it is already fitted neither you need him for removing the old storage tank.

System boilers

System boilers are suited for properties with wide space and multiple bathrooms. It is a very high performing boiler. When you want to replace the system with a new system boiler, it will cost you around £1,900. Whereas, when you want to replace the heat only boiler with system boiler, you need to pay £4,000. If you wish to replace combi boiler with that of system boiler, the charges would be £4500.

Back boiler

If you are replacing a back boiler with a new heat boiler, it will cost you approx £2,750. Keep in mind that the replacement is happening only when you don’t change the water tank. When you want to replace a back boiler and hot water tank with a new combi boiler, you need to spend at least £2995. You can not change an existing boiler with a new boiler. It is currently not available.

While installing boiler, keep in mind to go for a gas safe registered engineer. 4D Heating and Plumbing  provides full safety on installation. You must not be casual with the boiler installations.

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