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Society is an association of persons who came together to act jointly with mutual consent to attain the social objectives with which society is registered. Whenever anyone initiates to form a society in India, it is considered that its motive is to promote culture, education, art, religion, and such other noble cause.


Society registration act 1860 monitors and governs Society registration online procedure and its activities in India. Members of any society play the most vital role and therefore they shall always maintain the mutual understanding, must adhere to the guidelines of the act and shall ensure to maintain harmony to enhance the economy and social development


Our team of experts with years of experience will guide you with complete assistance to know basics about Society registration and how it operates in India. We also extend our services to get the Society registration certificate on your behalf.  


The act has prescribed the objectives with which societies must be registered. We have enumerated the same for you henceforth:

  • Promotion of arts
  • Promotion of political education 
  • Charitable assistance
  • Promoting science and literature
  • Maintenance and development of libraries and public museum
  • Promoting and maintaining education or any useful information


Society Registration Online Process

Whether to register the society or not depends upon the discretion of members however it is advisable to get it registered to avail certain benefits only provided to registered society. Society can be registered in just 5 simple steps as follows:

  • Name Selection: Start the process by choosing the name for the society. Such name shall be mutually agreed and accepted by all the members and shall not be prohibited under any statutory provision or act
  • Once the name is mutually decided, the society shall draft its Memorandum of Association to frame the governing rules and regulations that must be adhered to by the society and its members. Every member shall sign and attest to the MOA along with witness by Oath Commissioner. 
  • Attach the necessary supporting documents with Society Registration Online application:
  • PAN of each member
  • Valid Residence Id issued by government Aadhar card/bank statement/utility bill, etc.
  • Complete details of members with name, address and contact details
  • Covering letter signed by each member. Such letter shall mention objectives and purpose for which society is registered
  • Certified copy of MOA
  • Registered office address proof
  • Declaration in the affidavit stating the relationship amongst subscribers vowed by the secretary of the society
  • Minutes of the meeting of the member in which registration of society was approved and confirmed
  • Declaration by president stating his willingness to hold the post. Also, he shall state his competency to act through this declaration 
  • Apply either online or offline at your convenience. Society registration is a state license thus apply to the concerned state authority
  • Authority upon the receipt of the application shall sign the first copy as an acknowledgment of receipt of the application and shall revert the second copy to the applicant.
  • If the authority is satisfied after scrutinizing the application, shall allot Certificate of Registration that mention Society’s name, registration number, and date of registration


Effects of Society Registration 

As we have already mentioned, society registration is not compulsory however it has several benefits of getting Society Registration Online such as:  


  • Society registration certificate gives it a status of legal entity
  • A registered entity can easily open its current account
  • Registered society gets registrations and approval under Income Tax with an ease
  • Registration is necessary for lawful vesting of properties of societies
  • Registered society is recognized before all forums and authorities
  • Members of the registered society are bound by the extent of their liability on a memorandum
  • Registered society has the benefit of separate legal entity
  • Registered society can sue and can be sued in its name


De-merits of Society 

Since everything comes with its pros and cons, society in spite of having advantages as enumerated above has certain disadvantages also such as:

  • Income Tax Laws extends their exemptions only to the extent of charitable activities of the society
  • This form of organization is not an appropriate choice for the one willing to carry out the business to earn a profit since society can be registered only for charitable purposes
  • Unlike companies, there exists no equity ownership or equity investment in societies
  • Investors lack the interest in investing in societies because it lacks professionalism



Since Societies are un-incorporated body cannot accept deposits from the public. Society is one of the kinds of NGOs registered in India, other being Trust and Section-8 Company. Amongst all NGOs, society is the most preferred entity due to its simplicity in registration with minimal compliance burdens. Contact us to get complete knowledge about Societies Registration Online and similar services.


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