There are only models such as Morini CM 162 (I own the EI variant), Pardini K10, Steyr LP 10 and the Walther LP 400 available if you want to be professional. These are the most common shooter types. We are highly reliable, detailed and effective.


Ask someone who has these guns and use them before you decide. Eventually, once you are in this section, the parameter and price will not change much, except for some fancy features. Be aware that if you choose lesser known models, if you ever need them you won’t have problems finding savings. Such arms are all imported and armors and technicians are only provided with spares for the most popular models.


Try to avoid intermediaries or retailers-unless you know them. If you buy directly from the company, you may have to go to the airport to get customs free, but you know that you get the payout.


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You will most likely be scoffed for spending more money than you should, or worse, even a used gun, when you go through someone you don’t know. It’s just as biased and nepotist that I don’t know how much publicity you got in the shooting world of India. If you require assistance, PM me and I can contact a few people in Delhi and the NCR region with confidence. I educated these people and I keep in touch with them although I am not interested in combat.


By reaching these people, however, I am satisfied that I can help someone with an interest in shooting no financial benefits, but only that I can help.


How can I get better when shooting with a air pistol?


Because half the issue is missing (“which shooting discipline”), I am still waiting for further information at the ISSF Olympic.

What gun? What gun? If I had the money, I’d actually choose what PCP Walther is and what it’s all fine, but $3000 would be well if I had it.

I’ve got a Walther cp1, which I paid $350 for (around 1980). Add a further 50 $for a Co2 bottle with a diptube, and if I’m stupid I’m in a 25′′ party of 10 meters off the rest region. Oddly enough, I’m almost as similar for my $150 Crosmen custom shop 2240. The handguns are firing at 20 foot one of their hole sections.

If not under pressure, both can dry fire: possibly the best improvement practice. Dry firing lets my muscle memory be flashless–I have almost none first step and a very light release, just a handful of grams and total journey of less than 6 mm on the Walther. The trigger for Crosman is not almost as fine, but it’s clean. Nor is it particularly suitable for casual shooting, both quickly tightening the trigger before sights are on the target.

Aerobics, light weight lifting and yoga like the tai-chi go together. Physical condition is important.

Also important is mental training. Meditation helps to exclude external thoughts, decreases the heart rate and encourages steady respiration. The whole process is similar to dry shooting, with the additional benefit of being possible when the appearance of a projectile may be unsettling.

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