What is piles? Cure For Piles – Get a Naturally Cure


Most people suffer in silence because we are too embarrassed to talk about it. In general, pain and itching become unbearable, as many sensitive nerve endings surround the anal region. After a few days of grief, you feel psychologically exhausted and emotionally unhappy. Men and women refrain from making love, fearing that their spouse is likely to discover their piles. What is piles? We all know the terror of seeing your doctor and showing that private part of our body. For my part, I had to be very embarrassed to show my partner or talk to someone about my painful problem.

Treatment of piles 

The initial reaction of most people to the treatment of hemorrhoids is to recognize the hemorrhoids cream. First of all, this can be a very embarrassing situation, because you have to explain your problem to a very public pharmacy, where everyone knows. Secondly, it only temporarily cures the signs or symptoms of hair tissue by using a chemical called phenylephrine. 

It does not deal with the main cause of the piles. Your piles will probably settle but will come back after a few weeks, if not months, with extreme pain and bleeding. Simply using a cream to treat the symptoms and not curing the real cause of the problem, is one of the main reasons that people today see themselves at the doctor, looking for a serious treatment, or even That surgery.

Piles actually abnormally enlarged veins in the anus and rectum. They look like varicose veins that you can see on a person’s leg. Whenever the major hemorrhagic veins are inflated, the surrounding membrane swells, burns, itches, as well as can become extremely unpleasant and bleed. Hair develops as a result of excessive tension in the anus, causing the blood to lengthen and swell the walls of your veins, often breaking them.

Internal hemorrhoids: usually do not cause pain or itching; You can’t really feel them because they are deep in the anus. Internal hemorrhoids are relatively harmless. But we must find a remedy against the piles, it must be removed.

External hemorrhoids: produce most of the signs or symptoms that many of us have often heard of, pain, irritation, and irritation. If the external hemorrhoids eventually choke (cut blood flow), a clot may be lodged and turn into an extremely debilitated thrombosed heap. As a result of these types of uncomfortable symptoms, external hemorrhoids probably receive the most attention from treatment.

Naural treatment of piles 

The treatment of natural piles focuses on aspects of your lifestyle and diet, which contribute to your piles for the first time, and eliminates these “triggers”, so that they don’t thrive simply because the piles needed to be built Terms expire.

Poor nutrition and lack of exercise are two factors that can contribute to piles formation. Poor nutrition can lead to constipation, which can lead to the effort. This causes pressure on the blood vessels around the anus and the walls to become weak and result in hemorrhoids. Lack of exercise may mean that there is damage to the circulation around the area and may contribute to the disease.

Piles Home remedies food

A good diet rich in fiber is a good treatment for natural piles home remedies food skin. Make sure that you consume at least 20 to 30 grams of fiber a day from natural sources, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, beans and grains. In addition, your fluid intake is very important as it will help soften the stool and facilitate the passage of fiber into the digestive system.

Daily Exercise will also help for poles. piles are more common in sedentary people and it is well known that moderate exercise every day, such as walking, can actually contribute to circulation of the area and stimulation of the bowel.

Very often, the more you live with the piles, the more serious the illness becomes. If you want to avoid painful surgery which is often only a temporary measure, then you should consider your options carefully. If you are ready to make simple and easy lifestyle changes, you can eliminate the root cause of your piles, which means that you can get permanent freedom.


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