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The word smart (stylish) means trendy or even intelligent, used mainly in relation to modern technology. The most common example: a smartphone, that is, a smart phone. Smart TVs (Smart-TV), which we will talk about in this article, are becoming more widespread.

What is the difference between a smart TV and non-smart?

Mainly, the ability to access the Internet thanks to the built-in processor and other devices. Why this is needed, is a home computer and a smartphone or tablets not enough? In terms of access to network resources, primarily the inexhaustible warehouse of YouTube clips, they are quite enough. But if you do not want to travel, but at home in comfortable conditions to enjoy watching, then you need a large and high-quality TV. There are, however, feature to connect your TV to your home PC.

But these are half measures. Today, the development of television is on the path to computerization and integration into home computer networks, mainly wireless (WLAN).

Consider the advantages of a TV connected to the Internet, immediately making a stipulation that different models may have different capabilities, even if everyone has a “smart” in the name. In addition, the smart television is currently rapidly developing, and all the time they have new functions and capabilities.

Features that make a difference between Smart TV and Normal TV

The first is probably not in importance, but in convenience: your smart TV uses software and its programs are updated automatically without the participation of the owner. Whenever the owner connects his Smart TV to wi-fi or internet, the owner just receives the reminder of updating software.

The second screen function: having received a signal via cable, satellite or from the Internet, the best smart TV transmits it to other devices in the home network, for example, to a laptop or tablet located somewhere in the house or in the yard. So, the latest Smart TVs can transmit media files over the home wireless network WLAN (Wi-Fi). Moreover, such televisions can be used as giant computer monitors. Moreover, the screen from the smartphones can be seen on the big screen of the smart TV using the new WLAN standard, called Mira Cast, which uses direct signal transmission from device to device without the involvement of a router (Wi-Fi router), which is necessarily part of a regular home wireless network.

Now Record your Favorite shows on Right Away

Among the smart features include the ability to watch any of the media file or TV channel. Please note: there is a new “smart” technique and new types of services, often completely free. TV shows recording, content of TV channel already transmitted through the set top box or cable network, allow you to record and watch what has already shown on the channel, if you have missed or you want to enjoy the show again. For this, like a computer, they have access to an external hard drive or other storage medium connected via cable. You can record all or selected shows at the same time as watching or at a pre-selected time.

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