Things are not going to be very different in the upcoming year as far as the continuous growth of e-commerce is concerned. This has been an ongoing scenario that is escalating in momentum and pace.

A deeper understanding:

To understand the claims further, we can simply compare its growth with different economy segments. Kiplinger came up with a survey report in 2017, which revealed that demands for construction materials rose by 8% during 2017, while a downfall was noticed in the restaurant niche measuring by 3.3%.

This was the case more or less with almost every industry apart from petroleum, where the sales figures were going slightly up by 3.8%. Bear in mind all the points associated with the economy from the growth perspective; I have yet to touch the core subject, i.e., e-commerce.

The curious case of the online industry:

With all the industry going downwards, the growth in the domain of e-commerce was recorded to be growing by 15%, and that was the case for two years back to back. This consistency in the said domain has been noted for the past seven years or so according to Kiplinger.

The focus from service providers and acquirers has shifted further, and that has brightened the future further. Let’s see some hot trends that will be dominating e-commerce industry:

  • Omni devise and Omni platforms
  • The focus will be more upon Micro-moments that will turn out to be the further core concern.
  • The commoditization of Videos, i.e., Internet-based learning.
  • Personalized approaches becoming amplified in superiority.
  • Robots technology will be unleashed.
  • User involvement protocols will be leveraged for superior content marketing.

Making all of the above counts with web design-oriented approaches:

One simply cannot and should not ignore the significant role that can be played by an appealing and relevant website design if the idea is to dominate the proceedings. Let’s have a look at some design gimmicks that shall be considered in the upcoming year to give that perfect feel and experience to users who will be landing on your website, they are:

  • Functionality must be preferred overlooks.
  • Come up with the most personalized experience ever offered.
  • Do not compromise on the information structure; define things right.
  • Add the most important ’Call To ‘Action’ for supreme conversion rates.
  • Consider additional smart design elements for the sake of uniqueness.

Zipping it:

As a concluding note, I would like to add that businesses that are still going through phases like consideration, must pack up, it’s time for action. Ecommerce has been around and soon will be capturing every industry. Go for it today, if you want to improve your ROI graph exceptionally. Others have done it already, and they are enjoying it, no complains!

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