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Last week, I came to Dubai to have a business tour here but due to some reason the meetings were delayed and I had nothing to do. Then I came with a wild idea to go for an outing. The culture and civilizations of Dubai were attracting me by all means. I texted one of friends who was residing in Dubai and he suggested various areas for jaunting. I had never been to desert safari adventure that’s why I selected it. The tour was more enjoyable beyond my expectations. Today, I will try to give a glimpse of all thrilling activities included in those affordable VIP deals.

My VIP Dubai desert tour was started on my way to the desert safari in a 4×4 car (Land Cruiser) by 3:30 pm. The car was super comfortable and luxurious. On arrival to the desert, I was inspired by the majestic beauty of glorious sand dunes.

The tourists guided me very gently on every step. I will never forget 30 minutes electrifying dune bashing session on sand dunes. This hair rising adventure filled me with energy and left mespellbound. The driver drove on beveled sand dunes by adopting sharp cuts around edges.

The next activity was ATV quad biking on alternating crusts and troughs. It was a bit tricky but driving on sand mountains was full of jumps and jolts, Whoa! I am an adventure seeker and this driving session was not less than a venturesome drive.

It was getting dark and I headed towards the campsite. The moment of sunset was breathtaking and bewitching. The sun was basking and it spread its golden-red rays all over the sky. It was the perfect time to capture pictures. There were many photographers; they took marvelous photographs that I posted on my social media account.

The camel ride seems adorable and adulatory movements of camels feel like swimming in the desert. This 15 minutes ride took my heart as I could explore nature in a single glance. Moreover, I took amazing photographs on the camel.

When I arrived at the campsite, I was treated in a VIP manner as I was feeling like a queen or princess. The VIP Dubai desert tourdeal included appetizing BBQ dinner for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian tourists. I was impressed by the VIP provisions. Additionally, tea, ghawa, dates, and snacks were also very tasty. I enjoyed the mesmerizing and savory Arabic sheesha pipe at campsite after having delectable dinner.

The Bellay dancers showed outstanding performance on Arabian tunes. Tanura dance and fire show were equally enjoyable and entertaining.

The colorful Arabic dresses are specially designed to entertain tourists coming for desert safari adventures in Dubai. Never forget to have photos while wearing them. Henna tattoos are a must to have for females. I liked floral designs and colors.

My tour was ended after 6 hours around 9 pm and I was dropped off at my hotel in the same car. Overall, I will rate this tour 10/10.

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