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The Indian state of Himachal Pradesh is home to few of the most beautiful valleys in the country. The state is known for picturesque destinations and spellbinding visitas. The state is home to some of the most popular hill stations in the country. The valleys are the most attractive thing about the state of Himachal Pradesh. The scenic landscapes, streams of rivers, colourful meadows, apple orchards, pine forests, alluring mountain ranges, ancient temples, stunning trekking trails and friendly people male the state of Himachal Pradesh. The state is also one of the hotspots for adventure activities in the country. A visit to the stunning valleys of the state is a once in a lifetime experience.

The few of the valleys that are located in the state of Himachal Pradesh are:

  • Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley is one of the most stunning places to visit in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Spiti Valley tour is preached at a height of 12,500 feet above sea level and is travellers favourite place. The cold desert with high mountain ranges adds to the appeal factor of Spiti Valley. The word “Spiti” translates into “The middle land”. The valley is named so as it lies between Tibet and India. Due to the close proximity to the tibetan region a lot of influence of the same can be seen in the local culture of the valley. The valley has several monasteries marking it’s land. The valley is a heaven for adventure lovers also as the topography of the valley is perfect for several adventure activities. The summer season is the ideal time to visit the Spiti Valley as the temperature is within comfortable range which makes the trip very pleasant.

  • Kangra Valley

Kangra Valley is another one of the popular destinations of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The mighty Dhauladhar range rises on one side of the valley while the plains extend on the other side of the valley. The valley is home to various trekking destinations of the country such as the Triund trek. There are other adventure activities that can be done in the valley of Kangra. The valley also houses several religiously important places. One can visit the picturesque places, old temples, ancient forts and other places of interest when on a trip to Kangra Valley. One of the important towns of the Kangra Valley is Dharmshala, which experiences a large footfall of tourists every year. The other important towns of Kangra Valley are Mcleodganj,Baijnath,Palampur and other towns.

  • Kullu Valley

Kullu Valley is one of the most preferred destinations for holidays in the country. The valley is equally beautiful as its counterparts. The Kullu valley can be classified as the broad open valley. The valley is located between the towns of Manali and Largi as it was formed by the Beas river that flows between the two places. The apple orchards and the pine trees are the signature things of the valley of Kullu. When on a trip to Kullu valley, one can catch a glimpse of Pir Pranjal and Himalayan range. The valley is 75 kilometers long and around 4 kilometers broad.  There are several hot springs and ancient temples that are located in the Kullu Valley. Kullu valley serves as a connection between the Spiti Valley and Lahaul valley. The valley is also a hotspot for various adventure activities. The several adventure activities that are done in Kullu valley are trekking, paragliding, river rafting, rock climbing, zip lining and other activities.

  • Chamba Valley

The Chamba Valley is not as famous as its other counterparts. The valley doesn’t experience a large footfall of tourists but is equally stunning and beautiful. The other name of the Chamba valley is Ravi valley. The Chamba valley is located in the Shivalik range. The valley is known for various ancient temples and colourful festivals. The valley is also home to a variety of medicinal herbs. The Chamba valley is well connected through roads to major cities of the state and nearby areas. The best time to visit the Chamba valley is during the summer season. The months from March to June are the ideal time to go on a trip to Chamba Valley.

The list above provides a sneak peak into the various exquisite valleys of the state of Himachal pradesh.

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