When it comes to printing out documents such as delivery dockets, application forms, invoices, statements, etc., it is of great importance to have a copy of the original as well. That way, one of the copies will go to the client, whereas the duplicate will stay in the office for record-keeping. For that purpose, there are 2 different types of paper stationery that can be used in the office. Let’s have a look at them.

Continuous Stationery Paper

The continuous stationery paper, or also known as Dot Matrix Paper as well as Tractor Feed Paper is suitable to use in a DOS Based computer system (a dot matrix printer) where duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate copies of the forms can be printed. They are usually used as invoices and statements.

Their versatility makes them an excellent tool for neat organisation of documents. They can be in different colours and 60gsm or 70gsm in weight. The tractor feed sprocket holes are torn away after printing, leaving the document a sharp and professional look.

There are two types of continuous copy paper: CPO (plain continuous computer paper) and Software specific continuous computer paper. The first one can be used in dot matrix printers with any software while the second one must be printed with a specific software including Attache, Business Manager, Arrow, MYOB, Sage, and many others.

The use of continuous stationery paper is also eco-friendly because it reduces the waste of paper. Plus, many suppliers source the materials for paper produce from sustainable plantations.

Carbonless Copy Paper

Another type used for creating duplicates and triplicates of documents is the carbonless copy paper. It is usually used when the text needs to be changed regularly. As it is made without the use of carbon, it doesn’t require any wax carbon sheet to put between the copies. The sheets are coated with a special type of chemicals that react with each other when sheets come in contact due to pressure from the pen. When this reaction happens, the image or text is instantly transferred to the sheets below the top sheet.

The carbonless copy paper can be used for contracts, warranty forms, delivery dockets, application forms, etc. The uses are similar to the ones of the continuous stationery paper. There are two significant differences between the two types, though the continuous is usually used for long runs of data. In contrast, the carbonless copy paper can be used generally for any kind of printed documents that need to be in more than one copy.

Also, carbonless copy paper can be pre-printed as different types of business forms and sampled into sets or books so that all the documents look the same.

The Bottom Line

Both of the paper types bring considerable benefits to the business in terms of saving time, money, and behaving eco-friendly to the planet. Choosing the most suitable option should be based on the type of printer you have, inkjet or laser, or dot matrix printer. Otherwise, the quality and the benefits are pretty much the same.

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