Two Museums At Las Vegas In the United States


Las Vegas is the name that arouses the sensuous feeling in the youths. A city with natural beauty, glittery city life, exuberant and tempting nightlife, gambling, shopping, Mocospace, and fine dining, Las Vegas is a happening city at Nevada in the United States. This most populous American city is famous for adult entertainment and has an estimated population of 583,756.

The numerous adult amusement options in Las Vegas, ranging from casinos, gay parties, swinger clubs, and strip clubs have earned it a popular name “The Sin City”. The name Las Vegas is applied to the main city along with the surrounding areas, especially the resort areas on and near the Las Vegas Strip; which is the 6.8 kilometers stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard. This Strip is mainly the unincorporated communities of Paradise and Winchester, along with that of the Enterprise.

Located in the sub-tropical arid, and rocky landscape and climatic zone, Las Vegas is characterized by very hot and dry summer months from June to September, with an average daily temperature of 34°C to 40 °C. During this time the night temperatures are in a range of 21 to 26 °C. The humidity is markedly low, often under 10%. Winters, on the other hand, are short and mild with temperature ranges of 16 °C in the daytime and 4 °C at night. On very rarest of occasions the temperature falls to 0°C. Most of the rainfall is in the winter month of March at an average rate of 110 millimeters.

Las Vegas Natural Museum

Among the various tourist attractions in Las Vegas, a must-see is the Las Vegas Natural Museum. Tourists get enchanted at the sight of various animals and species ranging from marine animals, projecting the ancient sea bed of Las Vegas. Not only does it have a home for marine life, but it also had a unique collection of Burmese pythons, scorpions, snakes, tarantulas, lizards. It is a private, non-profit making museum situated across the Las Vegas Boulevard at Nevada in Las Vegas.

It has a wide collection of an unparallel range of living organisms from the African Savanna, arid deserts to the pre-historic past of Nevada. This museum is a live proof of a stunning historical background of Las Vegas, that is, it was once under the sea! The museum offers interactive programs and educational exhibits present astonishing pictures of the astonishing ecosystem, the traditional culture and various wild lives of various ages.

The huge and motorized Tyrannosaurus Rex, welcoming the visitors by moving its gigantic head and roaring aloud is a thrilling adventure.

Another exciting display here is the “Treasure of Egypt”, which, as the name suggests, exhibits remnants of the Egyptian civilization. It provides an ambiance to its visitors similar to that of the reign of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen. It comprises of the strikingly beautiful throne of King Tutankhamen with the gold-painted sarcophagus, his shrine, and the chariots. The burial chamber of the pharaoh, which has interactive screens and monitors and pieces of art and architecture of his period makes the tour more realistic.

The tourists are present with an eerie feeling as they come to the “Snakepit”, exhibiting a pair of enormous Burmese pythons, named Bonnie and Clyde, of approximate length around 25 feet. Along with them huge anacondas of estimated 25 to 30 feet, reticulated pythons of 29 to 45 feet ranges are also seen here.

The “Marine Life Gallery” is a journey into the depth of the ocean and unraveling its various secrets. The dark and mysterious room consists of several aquariums comprising of eel and a variety of other fishes like whales, stingrays, frogfish, lobsters, blind cavefish, a red-eared slider turtle, koi, along with other marine creatures like dolphins. A 3000-gallon live tank is there, dedicated especially to sharks like Bamboo sharks, Port Jackson sharks and California round stingrays.

Just the adjacent room also has provisions of shark cage having great white shark with its ancestors, Carcharodon megalodon, together with huge replicas of each shark’s jaws, resembling original size. An interesting thing of exhibit out here is the collection of an unopened wine bottle, a shoe, soda cans, and even license plate, found in the belly of a tiger shark.

The “Dinosaur Gallery” presents to its visitor’s collections of prehistoric mammals and creatures like Phobosuchus or the “terrible crocodile”, an interactive Deinonychus; an alligator ancestor and a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Triceratop, Ichthyosaur or the “lizard fish”, fossilized dinosaur eggs and a lot more.

A fluorescent mineral display and a fossil display, at the exhibit, in two separate halls also present the indigenous rocks of Nevada like sulfur, gypsum, solidity, celestite, turquoise, etc., on the other hand fossils of starfish, amphibian skulls, shark teeth, etc. respectively.

Lied Discovery Children’s Museum

Lied Discovery Children’s Museum is a museum in Nevada, that offers educational information and interactive learning programs for children. It is located in Downtown Las Vegas and offers to its visitors a huge number of exhibits in the field of arts, culture, science, astronomy, traveling, music, environment and a lot more of other subjects.

Meant for children ranging from toddlers to teenagers and also the adults, the museum is centrally located to facilitate easy accessibility for families all across the country. Entry using the ticket system is carried on in this museum, which also offers discounted rates and special rates for special events, group trips school excursions, etc.

“Desert Discovery” is a calibrated ambiance where the children are provided with an opportunity to cast themselves as “Old West Miners” and follow their daily life activities with gears, pulleys, and other related gadgets or the “Construction Workers” at the Boulder Mountains area or the Cactus Construction. It is equipped with suitable lighting, costumes and backdrop to add to the enjoyment of the children.

Calibrated situations are there where the children are at liberty to choose jobs of their preferences, earn a Payment cheque at the end of successful completion of the designated job Pubfilm, encash the cheque in the bank and buy things of necessity such as stationery, grocery, etc. the focus of this environmental play is to create green awareness among children.


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