Corona Virus has become a social concern and now worldwide arrangements to tackle are been done by the world powers. I was watching a video that some tourists were strolling in Morocco and was feeling safe. So the Tourism in Morocco is promoting the cleanliness and taking anti corona steps. But I guess this is not enough. Everyone is trying to avoid this fatal virus so the travelers should also have some hacks to avoid the virus. Your life is important, so take care of yourself a lot. This blog is for you, follow these things as precautionary to take your great care.

Top Best Hacks to Avoid Corona Virus during Travel:

Here are some of the top hacks to remember when you are traveling anywhere in the world.

Research About the Corona Threat:

It is important. Corona Virus is now a global concern. Many countries have declared an emergency to tackle this very new problem. You are recommended to look at this matter seriously and don’t travel in priority. If it is very important to travel. Please first research about the destinations in the world that are threatened with the risk of Corona Virus.

China is the center of the Corona Virus outbreak and is not ideal to travel to. Other countries like Japan, US, Italy are also high alert because of the virus. If you want to enjoy your holidays, postpone the holidays or enjoy your time with other activities in your hometown. I was watching the news from Pakistan as due to Corona Virus, The audiences of the Cricket league are bared to attend the match because of the Corona Threat.

Another News tells that in India, many states have shut down their schools and offices due to that. Italy has a death toll of more than one thousand people due to the Corona Virus. So this is a situation. My suggestion to you is to research the place and then make a move.

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Don’t fall to the Rumors:

Sometimes there are rumors for personal benefits. For example, it is not that necessary to wear the mask if it is normal, but important as well at the same time to take care. The shortage of masks and rise in the price, of the masks and toilet papers, could be seen in the near past.

Don’t go for the rumors, use your common sense and take your decisions wisely. Don’t travel with family, take care of your old family members and don’t allow them to be in public places. Pregnant women and Patients are also recommended not to travel that much.

What Causes Virus Spread?

It is not anything but a handshake. I was watching a video clip of Prince Charles going to an event and forgot not to shook hands with the public as there is a Corona Virus threat in the UK too. So, guys, handshaking is not recommended.

Greet each other with words gestures and expressions. You are gonna be favoring yourself and others by this. Keep your face covered with the mask and keep tissue papers with you to cover your face while sneezing or coughing in office, school, university or any public place.

There is a stereotype about the people having cough and sneezing problem. Everyone gets scared when someone sneezes in the public. People should care and avoid this kind of stereotype. This is nonsense. Well, taking your care would be a great favor for you and society. Keep yourself safe.

Sanitize Your Hands – Take Bath Daily:

It meant to keep yourself clean. To sanitize your hands, you can avoid coronavirus. Offices and departmental stories are seen to install the sanitizers on their very welcoming entrances. Airports and public places should also have this facility.

Wash your hands while shaking a hand or touching anything which you think can have the threat of the virus. Every traveler should carry handwash and sanitizer with him or her. It would help you keep yourself clean. Do also pack the packs of tissue papers and wet tissues to get yourself clean.

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Don’t Sit with the Patients or Ill travelers:

In an Airplane, you are recommended not to sit with the patients and people who have cold or cough. If you find a traveler, inform the air staff to change your seat or do extra arrangements for your comfortable travel. It is for your safety not to sit with the patients during flight. It is not hated or phobia, but a caution.

Also, don’t shake hands with travelers. You can greet or wish them by gestures. On the destination, if not necessary, don’t stroll uselessly. Of course, you would be traveling for a business meeting or some other important cause. So keep yourself in the clean rooms in the hotel and don’t take any risk regarding anything related to you and this society.

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