It should come as no surprise that owning a car does make us happier human beings. This is because, with the help of a vehicle, we can easily travel between places such as taking adventurous road-trips or getting to our workplaces faster and smoother. There are indeed multiple benefits of owning a personal car for you and your family. 

At the same time, car owners need to deal with the rising costs of maintaining a vehicle, which also includes plenty of unwanted costs and frustration over time. Times like these are when you’ll have two options at hand – one being selling your scrap car with the help of car wreckers in Porirua services and the second being implementing these following DIY car hacks. 

Top DIY Car Hacks To Save Your Frustration And Make You A Happy Owner

  1. DIY For Fixing Dents

When you’re planning to fix small dents, you don’t need the help of a professional mechanic. You can easily perform simple car bodywork at home and be done with it. Dents that have occurred on a rounded corner or edge, which are mostly deep can be very difficult to repair. But, removing small-sized dents wouldn’t be much of a problem. The following are some methods that are worth a try:

  • Using Hairdryer – Take a hairdryer and a can of compressed air. Firstly, heat the dent with the help of the hairdryer, pumped up to its highest settings. Ensure you’re careful with this task as you shouldn’t bring the hairdryer too close. Just when the dent is hot, make sure to spray the area with the can of compressed air. The quick change in temperature will pop the dent out.
  1. DIY For Making Your Car Phone Holder

If you’re in the mood to create an easy and effortless way of producing a phone holder for your car, all you’ll need is a hairband or a rubber band along with a pen. 

The process here is to thread the rubber band through one of the top air vents of your car and use the pen to pull the rubber band through one of the bottom vents. Now the final step would be put your phone through the top and bottom rubber band hoops and voila, you get a DIY phone holder.

  1. DIY For Cleaning Your Headlights

If you find that your vehicle’s headlights are foggy, then the best way to simply buff the visibility would be to clean your headlights with a cotton cloth and some whitening toothpaste. Since toothpaste contains some mild abrasives, they will help in filling in the scratches that have been inflicted on your headlights.

Even if you’re just cleaning your headlights normally, remember to use toothpaste for the best results.

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