Can you ever go wrong with a black dress? Probably not, because you will find that you can wear a black dress for almost every occasion, whether it is a cocktail dinner, formal party, friend’s birthday or anniversary celebration, funeral ceremony, casual evening out with friends, etc. Black dresses are a must-have for every woman and there are some styles in black dresses that you should own.

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Not all black dresses are meant for the same purpose; some are best suited for formal occasions while some are for seasonal flings. Here are the 7 basic kinds of black dresses every woman should own that you should try and keep in your closet:

  1. Maxi black dress: The casual maxi dress in black is easy to carry off because you can wear it practically for all kinds of occasions. You could be in a maxi when you are out lunching with friends, or even running errands for the family. This versatile outfit is therefore a must-have for every woman not simply because it is versatile but also because it will make sure you are absolutely comfortable even if you wear it all day long. To make the look better, you can consider flaunting turquoise dangler earrings and strappy sandals with it, and even throw a denim jacket if the weather is nippy.
  2. Sheath dress: The black sheath dress is a timeless outfit that is far better than the casual-looking LBD. This type is perfect for a formal event or you could even wear it to work to attend an important client meeting. The biggest advantage of wearing this classic dress is that you can keep it on as the day ends and the evening sets in. All you have to do is a carry a pair of shoes or strappy sandals and fitting jewelry for the night.
  3. Flared dress: This is a classic dress style worn by women in the fifties and has not lost its charm even today. The empire waist style will suit almost everyone, particularly those who are conscious about their figure. You can keep the outerwear cropped for a clinched waist look or wear a short cardigan for highlighting the empire waist style. This style is exciting, fun, yet sophisticated and you do not have to worry too much about which jewelry to wear and which shoes to choose.
  4. Slip dress: The black slip dress is as effortless as it can be besides making you look ravishing. You can even wear chunky sneakers for a Bohemian look or use accessories like long earrings, chokers and pair thes with a pair of striking stilettoes.
  5. Party dress: You obviously cannot do without the perfect black dress outfit for party wear. You should go all out in accessorizing this look; choose anything this is sparkling and striking, and opt for either minimal or exceptionally bold makeup. This look gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility to experiment; so do not restrict yourself when it comes to flaunting the party dress.
  6. Lace dress: The classic lace dress in black is a favorite with women who desire to look glamorous on every occasion. All top-of-the-line designers keep experimenting with the lace dress style and you can be sure this trend will continue even in the years to come. Unlike accessorizing with LBDs, here you need a simplistic accessory. So, it is best to choose neutral and understated jewelry pieces and shoes that will not take the attention away from the dress itself. You can choose to get stunning eye-catchy makeup instead like red lips or smoky eyes.
  7. Gown: Finally, you can always have a black gown in your wardrobe for the black tie occasion. This is a must-have dress for attending all those galas which will be there in your yearly calendar. The black gown is typically simple and you are free to make the look striking, using bold makeup and accessorizing with your favorite jewelry pieces, be it diamonds or precious stones and stunning neckpieces.

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