We all live in a fast-paced world. This lifestyle demands to do things while on the go. We even catch up on our favorite shows while going on a bus or a train to work or college. Apps like Hulu Live TV have made that possible.

Live Streaming Apps to watch Movies and TV Shows

Let’s check out some other live streaming apps that Android users can install.


Perhaps that most prominent name in the online streaming services is Netflix. And for all the good reasons. The limited list of shows and movies that Netflix features annoy some people. However, many commend the original shows and movies that the platform releases. You cannot just watch Netflix on your laptop but many other devices of yours as well including your smartphone.

The streaming service is available in almost every country and it supports Smart TVs, 4K, Miracast, and Chromecast, to name a few. Some of the amazing features include:

  • Ability to relish a 30-day free trial period before you make a decision.
  • Parental controls are available.
  • Watch it worldwide with only one subscription.
  • Option to download a show or movie to watch later without consuming any data.


After Netflix, Vidmate is another amazing online streaming app for Android devices. The best part about this platform is that you can watch the most recent movies on it as they get added to the list shortly after the release. You can download and save a movie on your device as well to watch later. Moreover, you even get an option to download songs and any other videos that you please. VidMate also supports many other websites including Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and more.

The platform has an easy to use interface. Apart from that, you get an option to download the videos in different formats and qualities. The download speed is also commendable. Apart from that, you can watch the videos in HD quality.

Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Prime Video platform comes with the Amazon Prime service. The online streaming service has managed to get rights from prominent production houses. Thus allowing Amazon prime to feature the latest movies and shows. Apart from that, Amazon Prime Video has also acquired rights for featuring live sports including NFL, Premier League, and ATP. You do not even need a Chromecast support for using Amazon Prime.

Apart from all this, you get to enjoy the first episode of any given TV show free. And if you become a Prime member, you can relish watching over 100 premium channels.


Another prominent name in the list of online streaming services is VUDU. This platform provides you with an option to rent or buy any of the given latest shows and movies. And that too in high quality. On top of all this, you do not have to bear the gazillion ads while watching a show or movie. There is also a community forum for VUDU where you can get all your queries answered.

Apart from that, you do not have to compromise on the sound quality as well. VUDU employs the use of Dolby Atom son select devices. The interface of the app is also very easy and straightforward. It becomes easy for you to pick a movie from VUDU as the categories are mentioned.


The best part about Showbox is that you do not have to pay a subscription fee to watch shows and movies. You do not need to create an account either. Moreover, there are no ad runs between shows and movies that could annoy you. While the service is free, there is no compromise on the quality. You get access to HD quality resolution. Apart from that, subtitles are also available to make it easy for you to watch shows and movies from different languages.

Showbox also offers music streaming features and provides you with an option to select the genre as well as the type of content according to your liking.


HBO Now is an On-Demand video streaming subscription service. It allows you to access all the programs featured on HBO instantly. You get access to the most recent premiers as soon as they air through the HBO Now app. The collection does not only include the latest shows and movies but the old ones as well. So, you have a vast library to choose from. The amazing streaming performance is cherry on top.

Sony Crackle

Yet another free video streaming service that features Hollywood movies and a variety of shows. Some of the many genres available include action, thriller, drama, and comedy. You also get access to the ‘Watch Later’ button using which you can resume watching a show or movie from where you left.

Personally, I’m hooked to Hulu and the reasonable Spectrum TV packages and prices have been my anchor – especially when you are on a budget. However, I also keep checking other streaming services mentioned above now and then. I believe that one should try different things. I hope you find a favorite streaming service for yourself from the list given above.

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