Getting hitched is not just a ceremony to celebrate love anymore. Now, a wedding is a massive affair that makes people prepare and plan for almost a year. So, when you are getting married, it is obviously not just an affair of a day. You and your would-be partner must have been planning for this day for ages now. So, when you are all set to walk down the aisle and looking on the internet for inspiration to make those moments the most cherished ones in your life, you must take a look at the trends that have been ruling the wedding scenes this year.

Every year, there are so many themes and ideas that come and inspire so many weddings. But after some time, only a few of them remain while the rest gets forgotten. So, if you are planning a wedding in the last month of 2019 or at the beginning of 2020, then you must take a look at the trends that ruled this year and probably are here to stay for a long time. Take a look at the following points to know more.


This is the year of awakening for the environment-saving movement. The increasing awareness of environment and how people can take eco-friendly measures in their daily life and activities has been a quite popular trend. And it has left its imprints on weddings that took place this year too. While planning a wedding, people are leaning more towards the eco-friendly materials for decoration of the venue. And you can do that as well. Ditch paper invitation cards and go for digital invites. Instead of using anything plastic, go for paper, jute and other eco-friendly material so that the wedding becomes a green ceremony where you leave as minimum environmental footprint as possible. Instruct the decoration team from the reception halls in Houston you are booking to use sustainable things for decking up the place.

Bold Colors

This is the season of bold colors. If you have been looking for inspiration for your wedding day arrangements, it is obvious that you have been looking for such wedding pictures on Instagram too. And one look at the feed, and you will know how bold colors are dominating the decoration and the look of weddings this year. So, when you are planning for your wedding, make such colors like jewel-toned emerald green, amber, navy blue and mauve, part of your wedding theme. These rich tones are perfect for creating an elegant and sophisticated space for your wedding.

City Wedding in Enclosed Setting

This is quite a new trend that has surfaced around this year. Yes, wedding at exquisite destinations is perfect and dreamlike. But when it comes to practical weddings, it is not always possible. On one hand, it is extremely expensive and on the other, for a couple with a busy professional life, it will be tough. That is why people are looking for a city wedding in enclosed setting. No wonder, the demands of Party Halls in Houston is rapidly increasing for that.  Rich in architectural appeal or convenient will all luxurious amenities, these venues are grabbing quite a notable amount of attention from the couples.

Statement Personal Pieces

Now, people are more prone to ditch the traditional décor and instead of it, they are going for statement personal pieces that will help create a much cozier and personal environment at the wedding. Instead of traditional decoration with flowers, you can talk to the decoration team of reception hall in Houston TX and make them get neon signs or quirky floor arrangements that will exude a fun vibe at your wedding.

So, now as you know about these trends that can make your wedding a memorable affair, what are you waiting for? Start planning today and incorporate these ideas into your wedding arrangements.

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