Mechanic job is the inspection of the vehicle engine and electrical/mechanical component to identify technical issues correctly. This is a tougher job rather than office work because, in this work, an employee has to sometimes go under the machines or sometimes to hang in the air for different maintenance purposes. It is a job where a mechanic has to face stains of grease or oil on their uniform every day. And it is not so easy to get rid of those stains as it is necessary to keep Mechanic uniformneat and clean for healthy and professional life. 

Let me discuss some of the main tips to clean mechanic uniform

Liquid dishwashing detergents 

Stains of oil and grease are a little tough to clean naturally. It needs some more effort and remedies to remove them. Liquid dishwashing detergents are one of the best remedies to remove these kinds of stains. This dishwashing detergent soap is contrived to cut the stains after deducting them all. Although this detergent is specially used to clean for dishes, pots, and pans. After pouring some amount of detergent on the stains, wash it with hot water. 

Soda pop 

This is one of another remedy used when a mechanic uniform is being cleaned by them at home. For removing these oily and greasy stains, you will have to do something. Like put 2-4 liters of coca-cola and fill the water until the clothes are covered. Let soak it all overnight, and next morning wash it with your regular washing detergent. This process even reduces the greasy, oily smell from the cloths. 


Cornstarch is another home remedy to get rid of these oily and greasy stains. You have to put cornstarch powder on the stains, which is to be kept for 1 hour long. Afterward, you can brush it over the stained area where you had put cornstarch powder and rinse it with water. 


FelsNaptha is one of the best ways to remove dirt stains on your mechanic uniform. This is also a remedy that has been used at home with easy steps. It is cheap, but the impact is strong. You have to rub that affected area of stains and gently scrub it with the toothbrush. You will get the best result with these few steps. 

Lestoil or Pine-Sol

You can dab some amount of Lestoil or pine – sol on stains part and soon after rubbing that area with a brush. After this, wash out that cloth with warm water. Then after you will get the result of the bet. 


Ammonia is also good at grease stain removal. It is an excellent remedy as it is known for its excellent stains cutter in comparison with detergents. In the case of oil and grease stains, you can also use borax. But all you have to be careful while cleaning as it is a little harsh for the skin. 

Automotive degreaser 

You can get that automotive degreaser in any automotive store. This is one of the best ideas to remove the stain easily. This is a type of product that helps to dissolve the stain easily from any cloth. Although this automotive degreaser requires less amount on the affected area. 

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