Diabetes and obesity are among the major health concerns of the world, which have reached an epidemic state in gulf countries. The sudden economic boom, lifestyle, and dietary changes have played a significant role in increasing the prevalence of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases in the region.

Although the issue is equally prominent in the Gulf region, the diabetic stats of the UAE are quite concerning. Research claims that one in eleven people suffers from diabetes, which highlights that an estimated 19% of the total population suffers from chronic health conditions. Moreover, being obese increases the health risks for the ailing community.

The government, as well as the health experts in the region, actively recommend diabetic patients to lose their weight. Managing weight is quite a significant issue for diabetic patients. One way to get rid of excessive weight with diabetes is to consult the weight loss clinic Dubai based experts to get personalized plans for maintaining a healthy weight.

This article will discuss the top tips which can help the weight loss efforts of diabetic patients.

Top 4 Tips for Diabetic Patients to Lose Weight Easily

Diabetes and obesity individually are life-threatening diseases. However, the risks become tenfold for the people suffering from both conditions. Getting rid of diabetes is not possible yet, and it can only be treated through medication and lifestyle changes. However, obesity is a manageable condition that can improve the lifestyle of diabetic patients.

The following are some of the most important tips which can help diabetic patients in smooth weight loss.

1. Follow a Strict Meal Plan

Diabetic patients often feel hungry over a short span of time. Therefore, having and following a strict meal plan is essential for them. Eating frequently, without counting calories, leads them to obesity. When they plan their meals, they will be able to control their calories, which will ultimately help their weight loss. Cut on the carb and include fiber in your diet.

2. Exercise Regularly

One of the most important tips for losing weight for diabetic patients is to exercise regularly. A general misconception is that physical exercise is not good for diabetic patients. However, it holds no truth. A diabetic patient leading healthy life claims that regular exercise has helped him in maintaining his blood sugar level, which is also effective for weight loss.

3. Stay Positive

Another most important tip which can ensure your smooth weight loss is staying positive. Suffering from obesity and diabetes at the same time can depress any person. However, you need to change your attitude towards your health conditions. If you adopt a healthy diet plan and lifestyle with a positive mind, only then you will be able to achieve the desired outcomes. So surround yourself with positive thinkers and take part in support groups, so stay motivated.

4. Consult Weight Loss Experts

Losing weight without proper guidance and motivation can prove to be difficult. You may also not be able to achieve the target even after the struggle of months. So, taking the help of experts is quite crucial to make your efforts fruitful. If you are facing the same issue, do not hesitate to consult experts from the weight loss clinic Dubai region and get a personalized plan and recommendations to get rid of your extra fat.

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Are you living with the hazards of diabetes and obesity?

You must be living a difficult life while fighting two diseases at the same time. However, only you are your savior. So, instead of suffering, include some healthy changes in your lifestyle and defeat your obesity. The medical research has still not found any solution to treat diabetes adequately. However, you can get rid of obesity, which will ultimately help you control your diabetes. So, consult the weight experts now to become healthier and happier.


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