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The disappearance of the audio jack from an increasing number of smartphones is radically changing the habits of users, forced to look for more modern solutions to be able to listen to their music on the move. For this reason, the demand for Bluetooth headsets is becoming more and more frequent, as are the possibilities for choosing among the many proposals offered by the various manufacturers.

Identifying the best Bluetooth headsets is not, however, simple: from this need our guide is born, which helps you understand the main aspects to be taken into account and discover the most interesting solutions offered on Amazon or in the Unieuro, MediaWorld stores and Euronics.


In addition, if you are looking for larger products with greater sound quality, we have created a purchase guide dedicated to Bluetooth headphones.

How do we choose the best Bluetooth headsets?


The first step from which to be able to choose your new Bluetooth earphones wisely is to understand the main use you want to make of them. For those who simply need devices for listening to music during their daily commute there are many opportunities, while those who want greater sound quality or are looking for products to use during sports must take into consideration more stringent parameters.

In any case, there are characteristics common to all earphones that can be easily compared and that provide a good overview of the quality offered. Here are the ones that we have considered more carefully, trying to establish easy-to-understand parameters for a large slice of users.


  • Design: the aesthetic and structural aspect already allows you to make an important division between the various types of earphones on the market, most of which are in-ear or earbuds. Among these, we must further distinguish between those completely wireless and those that have collars or other connections between the two pavilions. In addition, you must also pay attention to the quality of the materials and other additional features, especially the waterproofness of the Bluetooth sports earphones.
  • Technology: being very small products, the technical differences are not as marked as for headphones, although it is possible to find quite diversified parameters for the size of the drivers and the values ​​of impedance, sensitivity and response in frequency. Some top-end headsets have very high-level hardware features, but there are also solutions that completely disassociate themselves from these aspects, such as those that adopt bone conduction.
  • Compatibility: most of the products included in our lists have a very wide compatibility, thanks to updated Bluetooth versions and good hardware qualities. The best Bluetooth headsets also feature NFC support and integrate sound technologies for sound improvement, such as aptX and Hi-Res protocols, or are even equipped with mechanisms for noise reduction. Do not forget the compatibility with smartphone apps, which often add other controls for audio adjustment.
  • Autonomy: this parameter is fundamental for Bluetooth headsets, since it represents the real Achilles heel for some articles we will talk about. Having a good autonomy can often make the difference for those who use their headsets a lot, but also the support for fast charging or the charging cases can offer valuable help.
  • Functionality: the possible additions to the functions we have already talked about would be many, but if you need higher quality Bluetooth headsets we advise you not to give up the controls on the cable or on the pavilion, the voice commands and one or more integrated microphones, useful both for voice calls and for activation of the voice assistant, such as Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa or others.


What are the best Bluetooth headsets?

If you want to search for the best Bluetooth headsets on Amazon , Unieuro , MediaWorld or Euronics , the lists that you find below can give you valuable help. The products are organized both by price range and by type of use, in order to have a fairly clear picture of the best Bluetooth headsets for sports , those for Samsung or Huawei smartphones and, of course, those dedicated to iPhones .


You can check out the All Bluetooth headsets list below and buy from Amazon and aliexpress and other big company.

  • MPOW Swift
  • Anker Soundcore Spirit
  • Aukey Latitude
  • Creative Outlier One
  • Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro
  • SkullCandy Method Wireless

How to Set Headsets Audio On pc you can do with Mouse and go setting in pc then click on headsets and up and down volume.

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