Your hallways and bathrooms are places that are used mostly. The tiles become dirty and their natural gloss fades with the passage of time. I live in an apartment nearYounge Street because my office is near from there. A few months ago, I was hanging down a picture on the wall. Suddenly, the hammer fell off from my hand and my produced a crack on the floor. I was much worried and did not know how to do it. I bought a sealant from the market but it was not durable for more than a week. The tiles were not looking good at all. Moreover, grease and dirt particles started to accumulate there. The situation was becoming worse day by day. Then, one of my friends suggested me to go for tiles refinishing. I have always been in its favor because there are multiple color options, designs, and textures to adopt. It gives a trendy and classic look to your home. I am not talking about painting; refinishing is a different phenomenon. The tiles refinishing is always beautiful and durable alternative of buying new tiles that are cost-effective. A professionally refinished tile feels real.

For me my home always comes first. The tiles’ refinishing in Toronto produces less mess and gives measurable outcomes in the least duration of time. I did proper research and selected one of the reliable companies. They had the latest pieces of equipments with them. The contractors came and after examination of the area, they installed an exhaust system and other protective measurements. It saved my walls and other things in their vicinity. They prepared the surface by cleaning it thoroughly. This two-step process involved the applications of chemicals to remove stains or grease spots and fillers to fill all cracks or chips.

Meanwhile, I decided to avail of their bathtub refinishing and reglazing service because my bathtub also needed it badly. I generally like glass enamel finishing as compared to matt finishing. It is not only durable but also looks ethereal.  Then the etching process was performed. Usually, etching peels off the previous coating on tiles and enables primers to adhere to the surface with greater strength. The dexterous and professional contractors did sanding or etching to generate a smooth surface. The technicians produced an ideal surface to apply primers and enamel. I was continuously monitoring the whole process.

For the application of primers, they used the latest technology of air-brush machine based system. It created a smooth surface that was looking closer to my original surface of tiles. The seven step application of spray increases the durability of tiles. During this whole process, exhausts were working to through outside all fumes or dust particles.  Now it was the turn of top-coat application. This shiny layer looks like a glaze and emits radiant effective after putting a glance on tiles. They put 3 to 4 top-coats of enamel on tiles.

The tiles’ refinishing in Toronto remodeled my floor as it was before. I could see visible results after a few hours of application of enamel. However, I left it for 24 hours to set properly and avoided splashes or movement in that area. Now, all cracks are filled accurately. No one can even judge if this part of the tiles had cracks or chips.

Overall, it was my best experience. I am really happy and I will go for their bathtub refinishing and reglazing service for my brother’s apartment. You guys must go for refinishing whether in your bathroom, kitchen, living rooms, or bedrooms because practically it is inexpensive.

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