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The United States election 2020 will be conducted on 3rd November 2020. All the Americans will head to the polls that day and they will give a verdict about the presidency of Donald Trump. It is obvious that being here today, you want to know how these elections are held and what one has to do to be a part of the race of the White House.

Well, if that is what you are interested in then this is exactly the place where you should be. Today, we will guide you about everything that is essential and imperative for you to know about the United States election 2020. Stick along because this isn’t the kind of information you get every day.

What Are The 2020 Elections All About?

These elections will decide each and everything. From Trump to the governorships, Control of the US Congress and state legislatures. The question to which no one knows the answer yet is whether or not will Trump be re-elected for the presidency. As of now, everyone has his eyes on the Democrats and the candidate that they will be putting up to take over Trump’s position.

It was 2016 when Trump fought a tough electoral war against Hilary Clinton. He took swing states like North Carolina and Florida and on top of everything, he tried his best to overcome the Democrat’s “Blue wall” in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Nevertheless, we are talking about the situation of 2016 which was 5 years back from now. For now, one thing that we are sure about is the fact that things have changed at a whole nother level. Nothing is the same as it was in 2016. This is where the big question lies!

Will Trump Make It To The Presidency Again?

The United States election of 2020 isn’t just about the presidency. It is also going to be a critical time of the year for the Democrats as they will try their best to take control over the US Senate from Republicans. They’ve already got 34 out of 100 seats up for the elections and as per the current situation, it looks like a third of those are quite competitive.

Furthermore, it is time for the Democrats to defend the majority that they have in the House of Representatives. After every two years, all the 435 seats come up for re-election, so, it is going to be a tough time this year.

As far as the states are concerned, they will hold legislative elections and out of them, 11 will be for the governorship.

Who Can Vote?

The United States election 2020 isn’t just going to decide the future of the US in fact, the results are going to impact the whole world. As far as the people of voting age in the US are concerned, they are 224 million in number. This time, in the 2020 electorate, more young voters are expected. As per the analysis of the Pew Research Center, the non-white voters will be accounted for a third of eligible voters.

On the other hand, there are going to be the Generation Z voters age (18-23), they will be 1 in 10 voters. In a nutshell, this time you will see the biggest share in votes by the non-white people and most of what you should expect is the Generation Z that will be putting in the votes.

What Should You Expect?

Since January 2019, there have been several people that have entered the race to be a part of the Democratic party’s nominee for the presidency. In other words, there are people in the race to take over the position of Trump. Right on the day of his inauguration, Trump already completed all the paperwork for re-election.

As of now, 10 Democratic candidates, from Bernie Sanders to the former vice-president Joe Biden are running to be nominated. What makes things tougher is the fact that only one nominee will be selected from the Democratic side.

Conversely, the whole race for the United States election 2020 will be completed when a third-party candidate enters.

When it comes to Trump and his current status is concerned, he won’t be facing any tough challengers this year. It is true that he isn’t running completely unopposed in the Republican primaries but his challenges are way too less than they were expected in 2020’s electorate.

All You Need To Know About The Primaries:

The caucuses and primaries are a whole series of contests that are held in 50 different US states along with Washington DC and other territories. These are the contests in which the party selects its presidential nominee. The basic goal assigned to the candidates is to gather those delegates who have this job to nominate the candidate together.

When the candidate is chosen, his goal is to win the early voting states, and then comes the point where he starts working on his name recognition. This is where he also has to work on building momentum. There are times in this process when the nominee just emerges all of a sudden without taking much time.

Speaking of which, in the last two Democratic primary contests, where Barack Obama was in competition with Clinton and then Clinton against Sanders, it lasted for a long time from January till late spring.

All You Need To Know About the Caucus:

As we are talking about the United States election 2020, you must know the details about everything including the primaries and the caucus. Speaking of the caucus, we are now going to tell you what this process is.

You see, when it comes to primary elections, usually what happens is that people go to their nearest polling stations to put their vote, some mail in their ballots and then there are people who vote from home.

But then, there are some states who follow the caucus process. What happens in a caucus is that a general hours-long meeting is conducted in which there are several different rounds of balloting. During the meeting, the voters are allowed to switch their sides until there’s a candidate who takes the victory.

As far as lowa is concerned, it will hold the caucuses on the 3rd of Feb 2020. There is going to be a “Super Tuesday” in which several different states and the Democrats living abroad will be putting their votes in primaries. This will help in clearing the identity of the nominee.

In early June, the last primary voting season will be conducted in Puerto Rico. It is a  Democratic national convention, this is the place where the final official nominee will be designated unless something unusual happens. The dates decided for this as of now are 13-16 July in Milwaukee.

The Next Step:

There are people who think that the whole United States election 2020 thing is quite complicated and not their piece of cake to understand. Well, honestly, if you just pay attention to the basic details, things won’t seem or sound difficult to you. It is a process that has been followed for years now and things are just the same this time.

It is just that the big question of 2020 for the US is whether or not the people of the United States will re-elect Trump. Or is it going to be someone else this time?

Before December 2020, things were clear and people were expecting Trump to be re-elected again. But after this whole COVID-19 pandemic and the number of infected people growing in the US, things are getting out of hand for Trump. His speeches, his behavior towards the other countries who he shared a strong bond with, and his behavior with his own party members are now making things more difficult for him.

It looks like Trump isn’t able to control the situation of his country and there are a lot of videos going around viral. In a nutshell, fingers are crossed for now and when we are out of this pandemic, things might get clearer and people’s opinion about Trump might change which will impact the elections.

Coming back to the next step that we were talking about regarding the United States election 2020 after the primaries are done, they will start conducting national conventions and that’s when they will finalize and officially give a designation to their candidates.

All of the main party candidates just converge in some cities, they fill up the hotels, restaurants, and bars, etc. After that there comes the point when they fill up a huge arena and stand up in front of the audience to say something big about their state.

During these conventions the celebrities and all of the politicians give speeches regarding the candidate who has been nominated. Then comes the candidate who gives a powerful speech to the people. It’s even aired on the TV where it looks just marvelous with all the balloons and the confetti raining down on the set.

Speaking of, the Democratic national convention of 2020 will be conducted on  13-16 July in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Big Day Of Election:

After the conventions, the big race for the president of the country begins. In 2000, a third party candidate entered the race and stayed through the general elections. The same can happen this time.

Nonetheless, with two major-party candidates already lined in, it would be the critical time to know where to run the election campaigns, to find out the place with the most voters possible, and give as much donor cash as one can. In other words, it is that time for the candidates when they get little sleep and too much road food as they are always on the go, traveling around, promoting themselves, and gathering voters.

On the television, all you’ll be watching will be speeches, debates, promotions, and election campaigns. On the other hand, working on all these things, Trump will also have to work on his other presidential duties so it definitely will be a tough time of the year for him.

On the day of 3rd November, all the Americans will cast their votes, they will head to the polling stations. After this, the process will be followed by the electoral college.

What Is The Electoral College?

It is a name given to the voting system that determines who will be the president after the United States election 2020. All the states, including Washington DC are given an electoral voters number, there are 538 votes in total based on the congressional districts.

How To Register Your Vote?

As a citizen of the United States, it is your duty to put in a vote this time in the United States election 2020. The process is simple, all you have to do is to check the date to register your vote as each state has its own deadline.

There are some states in the US that want you to come in person and put the vote and then there are some who will give you a time of a month or so to cast your vote.

This is everything that you need to know about the United States election 2020. Now that you know what the race is about and how the process works, it is time for you to realize that yes, you should take your vote seriously and make a wise decision. These elections aren’t just going to decide the fate of the United States, but they will also decide your future.

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