It can be very difficult for girls and women with a luxurious complexion to look nice even for themselves in dresss design: often not only complexes, dissatisfaction with appearance and self-doubt, but also the problem of proper wardrobe design is overweight. But it has already been proven by more than one generation of stylists: well-chosen clothes and shoes can visually stretch the proportions, hide full hips, and expressively emphasize the magnificent chest.

Even the most beautiful New Dress Design clothes will not improve the situation if a woman is psychologically clamped: working on yourself is also an important step towards beauty, and you should not postpone the purchase of fashionable clothes until a happy day when the scales show the desired 60-70 kg. Perhaps such a day does not come at all – you should start decorating yourself right now. And, of course, do not despair when looking at the mirror – following simple tips and tricks when creating a wardrobe will allow any woman with curvaceous forms to become stylish, confident and extremely fashionable.


General recommendations


Before proceeding with the acquisition of new wardrobe items, it is recommended to clean up among the available:

1. Select your favorite things in which you feel cozy and comfortable, they sit well on you and look stylish.

2. Sort the selected into several categories: for home, meeting with friends, business suits, evening dresses, etc.

3. If you are happy with what you saw, and the fitting shows that these things are right for you now, it’s not worth repeating with new acquisitions: an old friend, as you know, is better than the new two.

The question “What should be the clothes for the full?” Has several very specific answers:

1. Do not wear tight things – what seems to be tight , actually looks cramped and only emphasizes the completeness of the figure. An exception may be only dresses of medium length from fairly dense textured fabrics. In general, clothing is recommended to be layered without emphasizing the waist, highlighting the hips, etc.

2. The color scheme is desirable in calm, but not light colors , which visually increase even more. But if you are absolutely comfortable in peach or smoky pink – you can safely skip this rule. It is worth paying attention to the monophonic models that slim the figure and, of course, if a strip is used, it is only vertical.

3. The ensemble should not be boring for you – a spectacular, appropriate decor, an original design solution, an asymmetric cut and large jewelry will make your clothes stylish and fashionable. It is better to forget about voluminous lace, braid, lacing and bows of any size right away – on a stately figure they will look ridiculous.

4. Many women of luxurious forms are overly fond of black: he, indeed, somewhat conceals volumes, but at the same time the dark monotony can make the figure overweight. For outfits in black, bright elements are recommended – for example, emphasizing beautiful breasts.

And remember : you can make vulgar any seemingly successful option – you just need to include in it all the same. In any image, it is important not to overdo it: only one thing (a skirt, blouse, accessories) should be effective, let everything else serve only as a background addition.

Choose a dress and skirt for a full figure


A girl or a woman of luxurious complexion will look very impressive and seductive in a properly selected dress or skirt, which should comply with the following recommendations:

1. The length of business and everyday dresses and skirts is just below the knee: this is enough to open the legs and “stretch” the proportions. As an evening outfit, a floor-length dress with a high waistline will effectively look.

2. Pay attention to the skirts and dresses with a smell: the effect of “wrapped” is very slim. Of the skirts, a pencil skirt looks best on full hips.


3. An excellent option for a full woman will be a two-layer dress: for example, with a top satin layer, and the bottom – from lace or guipure.

4. For a dress with sleeves, their length and cut are important: slightly flared sleeves to the elbow, wrists, or длиной length will help create an assembled silhouette and, at the same time, cover full shoulders.

5. They will help visually expand the upper part and conceal the completeness of the lower with all kinds of capes, stoles or boleros.

6. Lengthen the legs and build a silhouette successfully selected color tights.

Choose jeans and pants


1. Forget about the low waist in trousers and jeans – such a cut visually shortens the whole figure, and for the full set it is needed the least.

2. From jeans, attention should be paid to smooth figure-correcting figures without embroidery, rhinestone, scuffs and lace trim.

3. Full hips visually make slim wider pants made of dense fabrics.

4. Tight trousers and leather goods – not for the full set, but the straight fit, complemented by an elongated jacket, will look elegant.

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