The Casino: #MyGameMyRules


It seems like all the applications are raining series back to back to entertain all of us. ZEE5 has released The Casino starring the handsome TV actor Karanvir Bohra in the lead along with the big boss fame Mandana Karimi. It also has Sudhanshu Pandey, Aindrita Ray, and Pooja Banerjee in the cast. This web series is directed by Neeraj Pandey who directed the blockbuster MS DHONI: the untold story. This is a series based on a casino which is a game that requires one to play mind games, be fierce and powerful as well.

Everyone who has previously enjoyed Hollywood casino movies which have so much glitz, glamour and action, is surely going to like this series as well. You are going to find an adequate amount of mindful games, powerful roles, action sequence, sensuous acts of lust and lots of glamour.

The plot is a mixture of thriller, mystery and suspense that will leave you wanting for more. Karanvir Bohra plays an heir to Sudhanshu Pandey and tries to learn about life. Mandana Karimi plays the role of a keeper for Sudhanshu Pandey but her plan is to eventually become that boss babe who rules the game and tops the game. This show is truly based on #MyGameMyRules. Mandana Karimi’s character is bold and powerful along with being effortlessly glamorous. She also comes across as a very fierce protagonist in the series who does everything independently to show what #MyGameMyRules means to her.

When you see the production level of the series, it is quite massive. There are stunning cars, lavish hotels, and great locations to shoot. The plot of the series has lots of twists in it and will make you want to binge-watch it in a day. The way Mandana’s character charms people with ease wins their trust and then eventually tries to take them down in the game and also to execute her plan to reach the top of her game. To everyone’s surprise, all the other parallel characters in the series have been cast so well.

They give a lot of gravity to the whole series. The only issue is, their presence in the trailer was really less. These are the characters that definitely deserve to have more screen space because they add a lot of excitement in it. This series is going to keep you hooked on it and will make you want more. This trailer has excited everyone already which is why they are now rooting for season 2 to release soon. They expect a lot more glamour along with action and glitz.


This series shows so much variety like action sequences, the game of lust, the top-class mind games and the glamourous yet twists combined will make your heart pump up. Now to know who has actually won this game of Casino, ahead to ZEE5 and binge watch it. Your weekend is set, grab a tub of popcorn and experience the thrill and mystery all at once.


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