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The most trending industry of the modern era is the investment consultancy industry. There has been huge growth since recent years. The technology has widely affected it and the users have increased drastically. A large number of trading apps are available now.

The whole industry runs on the shoulders of middlemen called brokers. The rates of the brokerage may vary from high to low and low to high. A low brokerage high exposure broker is available in every nook and corner of the country. The brokers are there that charge high brokerage rates based on the trades placed by the investors. The broker that provides the maximum benefits in minimum brokerage is the most successful person in this industry. Brokerage is the main add on the coast that makes the investor’s investment expensive. There are also people that offer zero brokerage based on the trades of people in the country. People also charge fees even for intraday trades. There are companies that charge zero brokerage for intraday trading. There are other benefits of charging low brokerage exposure to the customer:

  • The cost of investment is reduced on the part of the customer or the investor.
  • There are a number of securities available as options in the market that can be bought and sold at any time.
  • This will even help the investor to increase his or her budget accordingly.

There are some merits and demerits of the low brokerage to the firm. Some of them are as follows:

  • This will help to achieve customer satisfaction easily as people with other investment objectives will also participate and they will obviously go for the companies that offer low brokerage costs to them. In case the technical support is good on some matter than the consumer will definitely go for such options.
  • The consumer base is increased as this will help the layman to invest in securities by seeing zero brokerage ads.
  • One can earn from other investments like futures and options as well. In case one gets opened an account then he or she will be trading in that particular sector only which will prove to be essential and effective for both the firms as well as the consumers.

People face difficulty in selecting the best of the trading apps. The investors must choose wisely. There are people who lack technical knowledge in various areas and they do not possess the required abilities. The trading platform is a part of Artificial Intelligence. The concept is not that much popular due to the technical background of the concept. The whole concept has got roots from the artificial intelligence part as well. It is even difficult for the makers. There must be a proper check on the technologies being used in the platforms so that the consumers do not face any issues.  They must be even taken care of things like malware and viruses and they all have to be protected all the time. The bugs should be regularly fixed. The review of the consumers is the best part which will lead to the improvements of the platforms so that they can improve and perform better.

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