It is not just Rolex and Omega that you may choose from when it comes to high-quality, high-end watch brands. Because if you are going to ask watch collectors and aficionados, Longines would be one of the answers. This fact should come as no surprise given Longines’ worldwide reputation for creating high-quality timepieces. Longines may not be well-known to the masses, yet they regarded Longines as one of the greatest brands among watch collectors and aficionados.

Longines has been in the watchmaking business for over two centuries. Because of that, they have created several watch collections and models that attract watch collectors. Each watch line has its own distinct style while keeping loyal to the brand’s fundamental principle of timeless elegance. If you want to know more about Longines’ watch collections, just keep on reading.

  • Record

The first watch collection on our list is the Longines Records. Longines celebrated its 185th anniversary in 2017, honoring its history of performance, tradition, and elegance with the debut of the Longines Record watch collection. All of the watches in this line are high-precision chronometers. This collection is the first COSC-certified collection from Longines, which is a bit of a surprise. 

Along with the brand’s original distinctive classic elegance, they imbue the Longines Record line watches with modern sophistication. In the hood of the Record collection, you will find simple yet attractive steel watches that come in four different sizes with a choice of dial options. The Longines Record watches are sure to impress you with their timeless elegance and unique design and functionality.

  • Master

When it comes to keen watch collectors, Longines Master Collection timepieces deliver on both reliability and elegance. Self-winding watches and distinct features, such as the sunray blue dial with phases of the moon or chronograph display, are available for intricate watch connoisseurs.

As a result of the brand’s rich history, Longines has created the elegant Longines Master range of watches. As part of the Master watch series, Longines showcases its finest timepieces. People like the Master collection’s clocks not just because of their excellence but also because of their beauty. For both men and women who appreciate fine watches, the Longines Master Collection watches are ideal.

  • Longines PrimaLuna

Because of its unwavering dedication and innovative spirit, the Longines Company has been steadfast support for countless watch aficionados in their pursuit of precision and elegance. Longines PrimaLuna is a collection of timepieces with complications for women who value refined elegance. In 2009, the legendary watchmaker created The Longines PrimaLuna series, which consists completely of women’s watches.

As the name suggests, its unique casing takes its cues from the poetry of the night sky, mostly the moon. When worn, these clocks give off a real sense of luxury, even though they have an electronic quartz movement at their cores. Elegant and enchanting, this collection will seduce women who admire modern, subtle elegance.

  • Flagship

As one of Longines’ most prestigious collections, the Longines Heritage collection is a must-have. A wide range of timepieces are available in the Heritage collection, ranging from pilot’s watches to chronographs and dress watches, among other styles. While several watches in the collection date back to1832, they include modern qualities that are far superior to their predecessors.

These watches never fail to surprise their wearers, and one of the main reasons is that they offer at reasonable price ranges while maintaining high quality. On the outside, this Longines Flagship watch has a lot of classic elements, but on the inside, it has a lot of modern functions. As the name implies, they named the Longines Flagship collection after its automatic movement, which represents all the basic elements of a Longines timepiece.

  • Longines Mini

Since its founding in1832, the company has been a favorite among watch collectors all around the world. As a result, the contemporary Longines Mini watch collections represent the spirit of the firm. Fashionable men desire to own a variety of Longines dress watches, and the Longines Mini watches are one of them. Not only do Longines Mini watches look amazing, but they are timeless classics with a sporty twist.

Even though you may assume nothing is outstanding about the collection yet, this is because Longines is popular for paying close attention to even the smallest of details. So, if you are a detail-oriented person, you have already gotten the message, and you have probably already been pining after how alluring this mini collection is. Swiss watchmaker Longines has realized that watches need to be elegant and full of grace, which is why it has created the Longines Mini collection.

  • Conquest Classic

It has always been a priority for the company to provide watches with unique designs and high-quality materials. Longines Conquest Classic is an example of such a collection. In the Conquest Classic collection, Longines combines soft materials with versatile lines to produce a collection that is truly unique. It is a range of stylish sports timepieces that showcases the company’s involvement in sports.

As per the name of this particular watch line, it prioritizes its exquisite look while also adhering to the traditions of watchmaking. Conquest Classic Longines Watches are designed to perfection and will go with all of your circumstances. Due to its conventional mechanical movement, we may clearly distinguish the Longines Conquest Classic from the rest. While the Longines Conquest Classic line caters mostly to men, there are several alternatives available to ladies.

  • Heritage

A number of watch fans and notably athletes have embraced the Longines due to its diverse utility and aesthetic qualities. There is a Longines Heritage collection that is one of Longines’ most prestigious offerings. This collection from Longines combines the traditional beauty of its most renowned antique models with the most advanced watchmaking technologies. Its appeal extends to a large audience, and it is a fan favorite.

In the world of watches, Longines is famous for its wide selection of collections. Pilot’s watches, chronographs, and dress watches are all part of the Heritage series. The Longines Heritage collection highlights the brand’s success and delivers a refined and traditional creation that honors the brand’s history. Many options are available in the Longines Heritage collection from the brand, including the Longines Heritage1945, Longines Heritage Diver, and Longines Avigation BigEye.


These collections show that Longines may have a retro look and still be fashionable. Over the years, Longines has grown at a rapid rate, releasing a number of models with excellent capabilities and features. As a result, it was difficult for us to limit down our pick of Longines watches because they have everything you might desire in a watch. Visit if you are interested in purchasing one of the above collections.

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