In recent times, social media has taken the world by storm where more and more people are interested in knowing what is happening around them and globally, and to stay continuously updated.

Video format on social media front is leading the race in terms of engagement, sharability and virality.  The most important part is to capture the attention of viewers towards the video. As, Corporate film production services it’s important to look at the popular videos which are creating buzz.

Thus, if you are in the market to learn more on the popular social media videos, then we have provided a list below. Take a look.

Engaging formats of social media videos:

  • BTS (behind the scenes)

Learning more on what goes on behind the curtains of a popular individual is always interesting and exciting at the same time. Hence curating videos that provide a sneak-peek into what goes on into making the original video is what creates user engagement towards the posted video. Corporate film production company can use this to promote the real side of the brand and showcase what it takes to provide the services to their customers.

  • Q&A

Having an interaction session with any celebrity or pop star does make the format of the video quite different and also gets you the required attention from viewers. Corporate film production services can use this format to engage viewers by asking questions and get them answered by their favourite personality or celebrity star.   

  • Snippets/vines

When videos are short, concise, and to the point, it gains wider recognition from viewers. Especially if they are funny and entertaining in general, these videos have a higher potential of obtaining a more extensive viewer base and taking something straightforward and transforming that into a more engaging content does increase the capacity of the video to be trending on social media.

  • Giveaway video

In this modern-day and age, where videos are getting more or less the same, giveaway videos can be fun and exciting at the same time. It’s because when people are enticed that something costly is being given away for free and to try their luck, they watch the video, follow the instructions and hope to win which can undoubtedly make the video trendy.

The video can be taken to a whole new level when a renowned celebrity posts a giveaway video that does become viral for a short period. 

  • Breaking news

Having recent breaking news in a video format can provide a lot more information. Knowing the exact reason behind the situation that might be prevailing in any particular period can help the video to be trending.

While many look to make videos like these, providing the actual footage of the incident can also become trending far quicker.

  • Tutorials

The trendiest videos on the internet happen to be tutorials that make life one step easier. You can find thousands of videos that provide life hacks or tips, tricks to every problem that you might face.

But then the best ones are those that are short, concise and stick to the point of solving the problem first hand. Also, creativity can play the trump card in deciding whether the video is watchable or not.

Therefore, it becomes a trend for videos that are user-centric and provide value added content that is trending on the internet. Corporate film production company should try to capture the essence of using these social media engaging video posts to draft something unique that can help their videos reach the same levels as these engaging categories of videos on social media and other platforms.

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