Canada by no means is a warm country. The geographic location gives a certain edge to the country that makes it all happening for the tourists. When you plan your adventures in Canada, keep it mild and don’t go over and beyond.


You will not like how cold can blister your skin or even cause frostbite if you are too careless with your snowy adventures. Even though some places in Canada are the coldest and survival is a real feat you cannot surrender to travel nonetheless. During winters the place is like a wonderland, only to be covered in inches of snow and bone-chilling cold.

Let’s begin from my arrival in Oakville

As I said earlier, Canada is a winter wonderland, everything is beautiful here but temperature can drop down below zero degrees and that’s not even the coldest temperature even. On my arrival, the weather had taken a turn for worse, unfortunately, and I had no possible means to reach my grandmother’s home.

Unexpected turn of events…

It was an impulsive decision surprise my grandmother (who lives with her dog and a caretaker at times) and I wanted to spend some quality time with her before my college year started. It was all going well until the weather hit it hard. Upon calling the caretaker she told me she had booked me limousine service of Oakville. Who knew limousines could be driven around in this weather?

A calm day at Bronte Creek…

It was hardly a 20-minute drive and as I passed by Dundas Street I recalled my childhood spent here. It was a good time. As expected, my arrival was like a fresh breath of air for my nana and the next day she took me to Bronte Creek Provincial Park. The weather next day was mild enough and there were other families outside as well enjoying the sun. Yeah, Oakville is unpredictable in winters…

A surprise visit to St. Catherines

On the second day of my arrival, nana had already planned to spend quality time at St. Catherines, which is just 46minutes drive away from Oakville. As it turned out I realized this place is not as cold as Oakville or the other surrounding areas.

Although Ontario is a cold province but St. Catherines is nothing compared to Thunder Bay, you freeze your nose!” nana told me as we moved from shop to shop.

 Popular as “The Garden City”

This place indeed had the warmest winter I had ever experienced. My words can never justify my experience but I must say, the beauty of garden and trails and the food is simply exploding your senses in a good way. Lake Erie influences the climate here, because of which spring is early to arrive here and the grape harvest is in fall is the perfect time to take one or two barrels home.

It’s a port town

Port Dalhousie is a historical notion featuring antique carousal. The lighthouse stands at the end of the pier reflects its position as a defendant of the water, but the beachside alongside the waterfront had me swooning with joy. All in all, it’s an attractive area to visit especially if you get to watch the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta (nana always had been a fan of world-class rowing).

Heading back to Oakville

Even the shortest traveling time can be filled with an amazing experience. On my third day here, I couldn’t stop writing and thinking I had to share this. Details may not fill up soon, but as I spend the next three days here, the short adventures will add up.