In this article, Online Assignment Help will discuss organisational development at McDonald’s.


McDonald’s is a worldwide food chain industry, which began its activities in the 1940s. McDonald’s idea was introduced by Brand Dick and Maurice McDonald, opening a ‘Cheeseburger Stall’ in San Bernardino, California. McDonald’s started its business by selling burgers instead of kitchen tasks.

Data Collection and Analysis

Fast food McDonald’s is using data analysis software to increase customer service and sales at its outlets. The organization has institutionalized reporting programming in every aspect of its items, to evaluate new product and business practices tests and to evaluate the achievement of innovation activity.

Findings: The Loss

This was in 1996 when McDonald’s steadily decreased sales for four quarters, which continued until 2004. The organization was losing its image and not focusing on delivering ‘exceptional American food’. McDonald’s was losing its grip in one of the world’s most preferred destination for fast food lovers around the world.


The organization focused on reconstruction and development and increased its activities. With its execution, the organization can regain its position within the livelihood business.

Performance Management

The PDS was designed to drive the performance and growth of employees.

Align personal performance goals with the business. Performance evaluation is based on what is done and how it is done. Procedure for identifying employees ready for improvement.

Workplace Diversity

McDonald’s is concerned about legal and gender diversity to meet legally mandated requirements. McDonald’s has met the affirmative action quota for the workforce. McDonald’s leads with the concept of the institution’s endorsement of policies for minority members, which deliberately capitalize on gender and security diversity.

Performance Management

McDonald’s employees receive performance based on the abilities important to their role. The audit takes place twice per year and can measure performance, set goals, and talk about worker training and advancement needs.

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