Thanks to these places, you won’t miss the release of important sports or favourite shows, even when travelling.

All of these services have mobile device applications and offer legitimate access to popular multilingual channels. You can watch them for free or pay for premium features.


The application shows that all TV channels are live; there is no function to display the records. Some content can be viewed for free, but with advertising. You can also choose paid subscription options to allow access to specific groups of premium channels.

Tviz can also be used as a companion app for TVs. It identifies the broadcast you watch on your TV via audio and immediately displays the profile: name, description, official site, calendar and other data. In addition, Tviz broadcasts detailed television programs and informs you of the programs that you do not want to miss.


Peers.TV shows have live streaming options and provide access to newer shows. You can also add a recording of a program to your profile for a maximum of one month. With Peers.TV you can also watch TV shows and movies.

In free mode, ads are broadcast and certain channels are blocked. However, the service offers two options for paid subscriptions. First, disable your ads and unlock the 5 pay channels you want. The second level gives full access to content but to advertising.

Additionally, it should be noted that you can download radio and movies to your device for offline viewing. The functionality is free, but you can only download content from channels that are open to everyone or available in a price package.

Lime HD TV:

The number of channels available to a particular user depends on the platform and the pricing plan chosen. For example, you can watch 50 channels for free with ads through the Lyme HD TV mobile app. Owners charge a small monthly subscription due to lack of advertising on Android and iOS. To connect to the remaining channels, you have to pay extra. For other platforms, only the paid prices are available.

In Lime HD TV you can watch live and recent TV shows. In addition, some prices include the cost of watching movies and TV shows in online cinemas.


The web service shows a program of more than 200 TV channels. But you can only see a quarter of it. Users can enjoy the live broadcast of these channels as well as recordings of certain series, movies and shows. There are no apps for Android, iOS and other platforms.


With the SPB TV service, you can watch live TV shows and videos from the latest shows. There are also movies and series on the website.

Like other similar services, a free version of SPB TV ads is displayed and some content is blocked. The site also provides full access to TV shows and movie libraries and disables advertising.

With the pause feature, you can stop watching the program and then return at the same time. But only subscribers have this option.