Islam grants equal rights to women to seek knowledge. The legacy of Muslim female scholars shows that women are equally competent as men. Aisha bint Abi Bakr narrated almost 2000 hadith and A’isha bint Sa’d ibn Abi was a great scholar of all times even hundred of male students were her students. There are many notable Muslim females who were leaders, scholars, scientists, businesswomen, economists, and experts in every discipline of life. The women are granted with an essential task to raise the generations. An educated female can raise her children according to the principles of Islam.

Why people prefer female Quran teachers to get Islamic education?

Most of the families prefer to have an Alima or Hafiza to teach their sisters and daughters. The female Quran tutors are certified and competent to teach the Quran. Likewise, the learners are open to ask any questions. The female teachers provide guidance with references from the books of Hadith and the Quran. There is no restriction of age or color to get education from them. This convenient method offers quick learning by overcoming all the barriers.

Authentic and reliable platform:

I am a mother of two daughters. It is very difficult to raise kids while living in a non-Muslim state under the instructions provided by Allah. The children assume their teachers to be their role model. Therefore, a teacher should be a true reflection of affection and guidance. That’s why I decided to consult a trustworthy and authentic online Quran academy to provide quality Islamic education to my daughters under the supervision of a female Quran teacher. I selected a timetable for online classes by analyzing the routine of my daughters.

Command on the subject:

Our professional female Quran tutor holds a degree in Ijazah and Islamic studies from Al-Azhar University in Egypt. She has sufficient knowledge to provide authentic justifications. She has full command on teaching the Quran by using effective teaching methods.

Compulsive teaching method:

Her teacher utilizes modern and conventional means of teaching to acquire the attention of my daughters. This genuine online Quran academy has used a one-on-one teaching approach to communicate with students. The eloquent recitation of the Quran has been her priority from the very first day. She emphasized on identification and joining of alphabets to make words. Initially, her focal point was Noorani Qaida but gradually she moved to short verses and ultimately to the Quran. My daughters have learned to apply Tajweed rules to pronounce the words accurately.

Smooth communication skills:

Not only, she can speak Arabic but also she has excellent communication skills in English and Urdu as well. It becomes easy for my kids to understand the lesson when it is taught in the native language. A teacher can win the heart of students with love and kindness. Verily, the female Quran tutor has attracted my daughters with her modest behavior and exceptional teaching style.

Additionally, she keeps me informed about the progress report of my kids. By the grace of Allah Almighty, my daughters are self-sufficient in reciting the Quran fluently and beautifully.