As per the Centres for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) reports, around 47.2% of the global population (above the age of 65 years) suffers from periodontal diseases. This accounts for an increase in the aggregate demand for dental healthcare.

Consequently, India’s dental industry is said to be vast and holds over 5000 dental laboratories and over 297 dental institutions, and experiences an annual growth rate of 20%-30%.

The equipment industry is also set to rise year-on-year and help the practitioners avail high-end equipment assembled or manufactured indigenously. Also, to fund such practitioners with the required finances, several lenders offer loans for the dental clinic at attractive interest rates.

Some of the equipment which you may require to set up your dental clinic includes –

  • Dental microscopes

Also termed as dental surgical microscopes, these are customised to help doctors have a clear view of the required area through magnification. It is ideal for performing surgeries, restorative procedures, as well as other required clinical situations.

However, the price of such equipment can be slightly high; hence, you can explore several medical equipment financing options such as credits and loans to fund your clinic.

  • Dental lasers 

Laser dentistry is the next generation of dental surgery that helps cut both soft and hard tissues with convenience, efficiency and accuracy. Owing to its precision and accuracy, lasers are one of the most preferred pieces of equipment for surgeries. Patients also prefer lasers as they cause minimal bleeding and pain.

Practitioners can use lasers without the need for anaesthesia. This reduces time consumption and health risk of patients, along with enhancement of surgery experience. Nevertheless, being a heavy machine, the prices can be over your budget. In such cases, you can avail the loan for a dental clinic to meet your financial requirement.

  • Dental cone beam imaging system 

Dental cone beam imaging system is one of the primary dental equipment every dentist needs to know about. These are imaging machines that create detailed 3D digital models of the anatomy of a patient. Such tools are useful for endodontic, airway management, orthodontics, dental sleep, and a range of other clinical imaging requirements.

The machines are designed in a way to limit the exposure of patients to radiation as far as possible. Furthermore, you must handle the device with care and take the necessary precautions for personal safety. Additionally, being an essential machine to your clinic, you can avail a loan for the dental clinic as a source of finance.

  • Dental operatory light 

These are lighting facilities that are required in every clinic to carry out surgeries and other clinical procedures. Such dental lights are powered by LED technology or halogens and can be adjusted as per your needs.

The list of the equipment required for a dental clinic does not end here, and other several machines include dental digital radiography machines, dental patient chairs, operatory cabinets, etc. Nevertheless, installation of such equipment requires considerable investments, which can be financed through a loan for a dental clinic.

Loan for Doctors offered by NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv can be a source of finance for such equipment purchases. These advances come with several other features that include online account management, the easy application process, relaxed eligibility criteria, instant approval, quick disbursal, part-payment facilities, etc.

While you avail such medical equipment financing, make sure that you make your repayments on time to avoid debt accumulation and hefty penal charges. In addition to the above, consider keeping the mentioned equipment under proper care and maintenance to ensure the safety and prolonged working duration.