Deciding to live together with your partner is a big step into the unknown. There will be some ups and downs at the beginning until you learn how to value each other’s time, habits, boundaries and to compromise the right way. One of the first things both of you will have to compromise is the taste in decor. You’ll have to learn how to merge two styles together to create a space you’ll both enjoy and love.

Think of it as a fresh start

The fact that you two are moving in together means that you need to fit both of your belongings into a limited space. Since both of you lived all alone before this, you won’t be able to take everything with you. Both of you will have to purge your belongings equally. Separate everything into three piles:
1. Must keep

2. Donate

3. Throw away

The first pile (must keep) can consist of pieces of furniture and other emotional belongings. The second pile (donate) can consist of furniture that is in good shape. If you plan to purchase new pieces of furniture, use this chance to donate your old furniture. You can also sell it or give it away to a friend or family members. The last pile is the “throw away” pile. Now’s your chance to purge your wardrobe of everything you no longer wear or need. Simply, declutter your belongings and part ways with trinkets, and other clutter.

Sit down and talk it through

Now that you’ve purged your belongings, sold or donated furniture, decided what to keep and what to cull, you need to make a plan. You need to plan the rough estimate of your budget since you need to furnish or renovate your new space together. Since both of you are keeping some old pieces of furniture, you need to purchase some neutral pieces in order to find a way to merge these two styles. Sit down and talk about your ideal homes, what you’d like to have in our new place. Discuss your options and find a way to compromise around must-haves and could-live-with and hard-nos.

Pick the basics together

One of the easiest things you can do together, without any second thoughts or conflicts is purchasing the basics. Bed linens, towels, slippers, sheets, pillows, blankets, etc are among the basics you can easily choose together. Pick a color scheme and find items in that color. These items will blend easily with your existing furniture and will be among the first things you purchased together.

Combine your decor tastes

When you sit down to talk about your tastes, talk about your common interests. If you both love to travel, you can focus on the shades of blue and find a way to incorporate that color in your new apartment decor. Set up a Pinterest board and research this platform to find inspiration for your own home. There are many interior design trends you can choose from. Focus on ones that bring out your personalities and have a soothing effect on you. Remember, you need to turn a place into a home so make sure to get on the same page when it comes to merging things both of you consider essential.

Ask for help if you have conflicting tastes

It’s not worth fighting over because there’s a way to overcome this obstacle. If you can’t seem to find common ground, you can always ask for help. Interior design experts have all the skills and the patience to come up with a way to merge both of your styles. All you have to do is to talk to a professional and let them find a way to blend your ideas into a cohesive look. They will find a way to fit your favorite sofa with her favorite armchair and vice versa. Overly masculine decor can be diffused with feminine details and feminine style can be upgraded with masculine touches. 

Decorating is an ever-evolving process

Even though you probably want to have everything settled so that you can throw a housewarming party and invite everyone to your new place, your decor won’t be complete that fast. The desire to entertain your closest people in your new place is understandable, but you don’t have to have everything in place to do so. Decorating your home is an ever-evolving process, and both of you have to respect each other’s wishes. Be patient and you will find a way to pair your existing furniture to some new items you’ll choose together. Just remember that together you’re building a home, not just a temporary abode. 


Creating a space both of you will love and call you home is a process and it takes a lot of time and patience. Follow our tips to learn how to communicate your style across and find a way to decorate shared space.

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