What differs Chefchaouen from the other famous destinations? Its Blue colored buildings.  Will you believe that every plant pot of the city is shaded blue. Why is it so? It is an interesting fact behind it, but know that it locates at the inland of a country somewhere in between Tetouan, a secret city and the glorious Tangier. If you are planning your holidays in Morocco, Must add Chefchouaen, a blue gem of Morroco to have a beautiful experience. The city offers a lot of things that can attract foreigners.

Top Attractions of Morocco

You might be thinking that the place is a secret of Morocco and nobody goes there, you are wrong. On the season, hundreds of the visitors visit Morocco and specially Chefchaouen. Mostly it is recommended to visit the place of the season but Why not at the time when the city is rushed by the visitors. By the way, it’s up to you. I have some top attractions to tell you about. Let’s have a digital trip to Chaefchaiuen.

Are you Foody? Chefchaouen gives you a friendly hug!

I don’t differ from the traditional food of Morocco. It’s all a very gastronomical country. When you enter to Chefchaouen, you will feel that you are in a different environment. The environs capture you and give you an impact you never will able to forget ever in your life. Eateries in Chefcouaen contributes well in your overall experience.

There in Chefchouaen, along with the traditional food, the hotels will also be in the casual streets and homes of the town. Taste the authentic Moroccan traditional cuisine in the streets of the blue gem Chefcouaen. Did you think of eating the food made on the woodstove? You will have this unique opportunity to taste the bread made in the wood oven. The Tajine itself is a very unique dish you will see. You will be having the experience of eating the spicy Traditional and the very famous dish of Morocco, Tajine. To know the process that how it is cooked is an interesting thing, you can take the class of learning how to make a tajine and other traditional dishes of Morocco.

Must try the couscous soup there in Chefcouaen. The mint tea is complimentary everywhere. You will be having the hot cup of mint tea after every meal. It is a tradition there. Other than this, don’t forget to sit on the floors of juice corners of the city. Taking the small sips of a fresh fruit juice and having a wonderful view of a blue city is a marvellous experience you will never want to miss.

A Must visit an Old Blue City

Are you obsessed with the beauties of old cities? I’m I can feel those beauties affecting me in real. In Morocco, it is a privilege to have those experiences in the real world when in Morocco, especially in the gem of the country. The best time to visit Chefchouaen’s old city to explore is the offseason. I prefer to visit Morocco in the months October to December. I find quietness that time there and it gives me great pleasure deep inside.

There is a certain culture which impacts you un-urbanised feel, somehow slow from metropolitan life. Roaming in the old city and feel the colors of the city brought me an amazing experience. I bargained with the local shopkeepers on the handicrafts and the traditional things I wanted to bring back home. In Morocco, you have to bargain, if you don’t have that skill, you have to make it like a habit. It will benefit you.

Experiencing the blue shades of the city I come to know many things about that color. The most famous say is that the Jews once settled here and they painted the town as their choice. Moroccans then follow the beautiful tradition of painting their houses blue, they associate the color with the shade of seawater. Whatever is the reason, the blue and Chefchouen were made for each other and the match of both makes a perfect destination on earth deserves a visit.

It was amazing visiting Kasbah Museum

Wandering in the streets of the old Medina in Chefchouen will lead you to the best place in the city and that is Museum. For me, if you want to know all about the city, it is must visit the museum of that city, you will be known to the history and the present of the city. Kasbah Museum had done the same with me.

The Museum showcases the old musical instruments, and the traditional things tell you about the old lifestyle of the of Chefcheouen. It also has the special gallery to introduce you to the culture and the local rituals of the Gem of country, Chefchuaen.

If you are planning to set out for the Chefchouaen, know some final words, don’t miss to have the traditional shower there with the special luxury spa facilities in the town. You will be provided with every comfort of life in your Riad, the place you will reside being in Morocco. I wish you the very best time in Morocco!