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Winter season always comes with holidays like Christmas and New Year. But, it is also a season when parents need to be more careful towards their young kids. Before planning a hangout, they need to take some precautionary measures to ensure that their babies and toddlers are warm and cosy, to enjoy the weather and holidays.

This article is designed to help the parents of toddlers to keep their kids safe during the cold. Warm hats, mittens, warm coats, snow boots and electric socks or heated socks are some of the essentials to help you save your toddlers from freezing winds and snowy weather. Following is the list of things which every parent must have before the winter season starts;

Warm Hat

A warm hat is one of the essential elements for toddlers. It helps to save babies from cold winds and snowing weather. Parents should purchase a couple of warm hats before winter starts and keep their babies safe throughout the season. There are lots of different brands and qualities of warm hats available in the market so parents can get it quickly from the surrounding.


When parents plan for a picnic or an outside family gathering in chilled cold weather, then parents should put on long sleeves, waterproof and properly fitted gloves on the hands of their toddlers. These mittens will certainly save toddlers from the effects of cold weather.

Warm Coat

A warm coat is a must-have for the wintertime to keep your baby warm and safe from the weather. A good winter seasonal coat keeps your baby’s chest warm, thus eventually protecting them from cold and doctor’s visits. Parents should make sure that they get the right size and fittings while purchasing a warm coat for their toddler. The market is full of branded and non-branded coats, so it is not difficult to get the one which fits your toddler perfectly.

Winter Boots

Winter boots are another essential for your toddlers when they need to go outside in cold weather. Your kids need waterproof winter boots to beat the weather. If your toddler’s shoes are perfectly warm and waterproof, then they will be able to spend more time playing in the snow without risking their health.

Electric Socks

Another important tool to keep your kids warm in winters is to keep their feet warmer. Electric socks, also known as heated socks, are the best way to keep your toddler’s feet warm and save you from visiting your GP/paediatrician. If you want your baby happy and safe, then you should invest in buying the best electric socks before the winter starts. Heated or electric socks work by maintaining your toddler’s inner body temperature and keeping him/her warm throughout the day.

There are a lot of different electric socks available in the market, which are made with different materials. But, the one which is made of/contains polyester merino wool or cotton-polyester is considered to be the most effective heated socks. These electric socks tend to be a little expensive, but it is an excellent investment to ensure your baby’s health.

Electric socks not only keep the baby’s feet warm but also help in reducing the moisture. There are some electric socks which come with an option to control the temperature of the socks. There is a wide range of heated or electric socks available in the market. These socks come with different features including rechargeable batteries, external batteries, heated insole, microwaveable and many more.


It is always better to prepare for winters in advance, especially when you have a toddler in the house. As a parent, you want to make sure that you have all the accessories and tools that your child might need in freezing, cold weather. So, make a list of above items and get the ones that fit your kids perfectly; as a loose, warm coat or electric soaks will fail to provide your baby with essential heat.

By purchasing these items before the winter starts; you will make sure that your toddler not only stays warm and cosy throughout the season but also enjoys playing in the snow without the risk of catching a cold.