Artificial intelligence has provided humanity with many friends. These friends are virtual but probably more helpful than real human beings. In the field of banking, these friends, commonly known as virtual digital assistants, are becoming common every passing day.

These assistants are immensely helpful in the improvement of productivity in the workflow of banks. This helps saves time as well as costs. According to a study, AI will save 862 million hours of time for banks by the year 2023. This is very likely the reason most banks are opting for AI-powered tools for improving their productivity.

This article aims to help you decipher the role virtual assistants can play for your bank’s workflow.

Four ways virtual assistants help ease the workflow in banks

Business and research communities are showing a keen interest in the wonders of Ai in the 21st century. Many people in the world are paying attention to AI relevant events occurring over the world. In this regard, the UAE has been leading the way. Many businessmen are thus interested in events like artificial intelligence exhibitions occurring there.

Virtual assistants are the friends gifted by AI that humanity never thought it deserved. But they are making the working lives of bankers easier. The answer to your how is as follows:

1. A hybrid workforce

Virtual assistants are highly beneficial in the banking industry. They can not only work in back offices but also enable you to ace customer service like never before. These enable you to form a hybrid workforce where your employees, i.e., human beings, will be able to work in unison with the Ai powered digital assistants.

These are beginning to improve the efficiency of work and free up the time of humans beings, which they can use to carry out other tasks that require the creativity of a human mind.

2. 24/7 assistance

Human beings cannot work for twenty-four hours. They need to rest so as to reenergize and refresh their minds. Unlike humans, digital assistants can work round the clock, any day of the week without getting tired or needing refreshments.

Digital natives in banks can provide financial services 24/7 once integrating AI with the financial systems and customer service systems becomes the norm. The banks which are going for digital assistants thus enjoy a competitive advantage over those who do not.

3. Ubiquitous customer services

AI-powered customer services are ubiquitous. They are everywhere and always there. Digital assistants are providing service to the bank customers in a variety of ways, from messages to phone calls and emails. It not only reduces the burden on the banking staff but also makes it easy for the customer to place requests like password updates and international transactions within a minute.

Banks that are letting AI-powered digital assistants handle their customer services are enjoying an increased level of customer satisfaction than those which are not.

4. Improved security and accurate insights

AI-powered digital assistants enable you to make intelligent use of data mining tools. Thus your bank is better able to manage and keep secure customer’s data. It does so because of the wide range of capabilities of AI tools offering efficient built-in privacy and security.

Indulging in this technology makes the workflow easy, and thus your upper management can make a strategic decision from a better-informed place. Thus it is safe to say that AI is making the banking workflow processes more insightful and secure in the current world and promises to do it even more so in the near future.

AI-powered digital assistants are important for the banking industry!

Digital assistants are at the forefront of technological innovation in the present world. Artificial intelligence exhibition is becoming a common occurrence in developed countries all over the world. Such events provide a chance to a technical expert to a layman to introduce themselves to the wonders of AI-powered digital assistants.

Like all major industries in the world market, from education, healthcare logistics to banking, artificial intelligence has begun to prove its indispensability. The times are not too far away when there will be less human employees in the banks and more digital assistants.

Virtual assistants keep on improving in their cognitive abilities. Thus when a bank invests in one, they can hope for its performance to improve over the course of time and thus elevate the level of productivity that they help boost.

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Okay, like most life stuff, it depends on what you’re after. When picking the best T-shirt printing process, several factors can affect the final product. How many clothes do we need? What fabric are they made of? What color? Even the logo could affect.

And with so many variables, what is the ultimate best T-shirt printing technique?

In this post, we’ll try to answer that. We’ll take a wide look at the most popular ones so we can make an informed decision. Here’s a taste of what we’ll think about. Click the part you’re most interested in to jump ahead. Different people have different tastes when buying a product. Here, production techniques and models determine the final product outlook. It’s the same for clothing like t-shirts.

You may want a flat or print t-shirt. A variety of designs and printing methods give each one a characteristic look.

Many variables, like print design, available resources, mass production or not among others, decide the form to use.

Here is some various printing method that is used in t-shirt printing

1. Screen Printing Or Silk Screen Printing
2. Heat press printing method
3. Vinyl cutting
4. Direct to garments or DTG
5. Dye sublimation


Screen Printing Or Silk Screen Printing:

This is possibly one of the oldest and most popular t-shirt printing techniques. The basic principle here is to separate certain areas within the room you want to print, allowing the print ink to fill the rest of the design area and thereafter producing what we are now going to call the’ copy.’

The process involves using a screen and making ink through the same using a towel tool. A stencil is used to build the pattern and a waterproof substance such as rubber or wax is used to hold the ink out of the’ positive areas’ while allowing it to penetrate the’ negative’ regions. The effect is the screen-printing style. You can use a single screen with one or more colors depending on how complicated the layout is and how many colors you want to use.

Screen printing is used across the board for domestic and commercial purposes and can be done manually or by machine, and is awarded similar designs.


It’s a very fast process and can be used in a very short time to create several prints. It acknowledged the process’s simplicity. Setting the monitor can take only relatively longer. Once that’s done, it’s extremely fast.
Screen printing can be used to learn techniques by rods new to the industry. It is not a complex process to notify the general principles of t-shirt printing.
Ink styles used in screen printing are usually better in quality compared to other printing methods. It offers them a lifetime.
The method is fabric-friendly because it does not disclose the material used to harsh conditions that could discolor or damage the fabric. It is also suitable for different types of fabric, and the only variable here is to use a suitable type of ink depending on the cloth.
Making unique limited designs is simple by removing the stencil once you’re finished with the desired number of prints. Replicating a stencil model is very hard and a fake would be easily noticeable to a keen eye.


Since using ink and pressing over a screen, it is not the neatest printing method; it can get messy.
In some quarters, it was famously described as requiring too much labor and time; this school of thought argues that creating the design on a paintbrush takes a long time as opposed to other methods we will discuss later.
Relevant but not limited to relatively simple designs. It would take a lot of time to design a complex design that could be done in minutes, for example, using computer graphics.
Heat press printing method:

Heat press printing or HPP requires the use of special material called transfer paper that prints a template on. The method is quite simple; the layout paper is put where you want your print.

A specified amount of heat and pressure is applied on top of the paper allowing the dye to pass to the cloth when it softens into a thick paste that consumes the material but not into a liquid. The transfer paper is then removed from the document. It’s helpful because


The print is relatively robust and looks great on color lighter fabrics.
The software is easily available for domestic and industrial use. Particularly ideal in this context for large-scale fabric production like t-shirts.
There is a range of transfer papers for both domestic printing using an iron box and mass production using a heat press machine.
It’s certainly not messy because you won’t handle liquid ink.
It doesn’t take much room to print…


The print is clearly quite rigid, giving the cloth the same characteristics.
The print isn’t iron-friendly and is easily damaged.
Nevertheless, ironing your t-shirt inside out will reduce this, but does not eliminate the risk of losing the print.
This technique is only appropriate for lighter shades of the product
This technique is very popular for individuals produced in limited quantities for specific purposes.
Vinyl cutting:

This is a fascinating way to put designs on t-shirts which involves using a specially designed fabric that is cut into the desired shape and placed on the t-shirt. Click this with a heat control tool. The heat-application element is similar to heat-press printing. Preferred because

The fact that cloth is used for printing places it above others in terms of durability; no drying or color flying.
Using a vinyl cutting machine, multiple layers of fabric can create complex designs.
Various shapes and designs can be created by slicing into the desired shape.
Nonetheless, it is limited to specific letter designs and designing other shapes and patterns can be difficult.
Direct to garments or DTG:

This is a relatively non-labor-intensive process using a fabric printer to print a template from your computer screen. The printer uses special fabric ink and with regular printers NOT the common paper ink. Those who prefer DTG to other methods because:

It’s the simplest way to create the most complex design using a computer graphics program.
There is absolutely no manual handling of the material during the process.
Set-up and operation cost relatively less than other automated methods.

However, it also limits:

A base layer is added to dark clothes before the logo is written on top. It’s sometimes messy and can make your t-shirt stain.
It can not be used on low-cotton fabrics, particularly sporting clothing items.
It is not as effective printing on dark clothes, and printing can appear blurry or grainy in such situations.
Despite its drawbacks, it is quite popular and is used to make small-and large-scale designs.
Dye sublimation:

This procedure is very different because it uses a dye that is transferred to your t-shirt using a heat distribution process that transforms dye state from solid to gas. It then opens the pores of your fabric and lets dye gaseous before lowering temperatures and trapping the dye into the fabric. The model is created on a computer screen that uses a special sublimation dye printer to complete the process.

Here are the various reasons why?

The ink and method used do not mess the fabric with leaks as the dye does not move through the liquid phase. Therefore, it leaves no stains behind.
It has a long-lasting property as the print is not merely placed on top of the fabric, but is’ infused’ by the sublimation process.
You can create complex print designs on your screen.

Nevertheless, its drawbacks include

You can’t print clear images; they look messy, and that’s because of the whole engineering principle; the combination of ink and fabric creates this effect.
Some models are limited to successful printing.
You’re limited to a certain model and print size. Due to its size, the dye-sublimation printer can not do large designs.
The process is highly sensitive to dust, and even some dust can distort your design.

These are common methods to use when printing your design t-shirt printing given the advantages and disadvantages of each one, it’s necessary to examine the method you may want to use to influence:

Our experience in a specific print field.

Resources available.

The kind of fabric used.

The t-shirt feature is the end product.

For industrial or small-scale printing.

To this end, study or consultation on the best method is particularly important. You can end up with a faulty design, damage your product, or incur unnecessary financial loss.


So, you might want to suggest screen printing for more private use or running on a low budget. Many demands are quickly improvised.

Heat printing and vinyl cutting have similar properties. DTG and dye sublimation demand further projects.

Screen printing sounds mostly more comfortable. Simple and popular among t-shirt printers.

Nutshell, there is no single great printing method, as each process has its own perks and downsides. Choose the one that suits you best, rather than someone telling you to.

Fashion fanatics do not compromise on seasons. Rather new seasons bring a new fashion and new horizons for them to try end explore. Similarly, fashion enthusiasts in Pakistan never get left behind in adopting new trends and exploring new collections. Winter is a season of joy for such fashionista people as it brings the plethora of choices to choose from. We are given the opportunity to choose from the wide variety of outwear and other accessories to play around with our style statement. From leather jackets to beanies and hats, everything in winter fashion trends in Pakistan brings class and elegance. Here we are sharing 5 must-have accessories for both he and she, that is must-have in the winter season in Pakistan.

Leather jackets:

Winter brings the chilling breeze in Pakistan, fashion enthusiasts always want to stay update around the latest fashion as well as keep their bodies warm. Leather jackets are a perfect accessory to have in the winter season. Not only does it saves you from shivering winter cold but also has the tendency to never go out of fashion. Both men & women can wear leather jackets, also you don’t have to worry about your height as these perfectly suit people of any height.

Long coats:

Though not very popular among the masses, fashion savvy people always need to have a nice long coat in their winter wear collection. Long coats do the best in saving you from winter cold as well as offering a stylish and elegant look. A modified form of long coats is very popular among women in Pakistan, which is shrugs. However, long coats for men cannot be seen quite often but can be seen in offices, ramps, and night parties where they make up a classic stylish look.


The scarf seems to be the ultimate loved fashion accessory of Pakistanis when it comes to winter fashion. Both men and women leave no chance of wearing these pretty and warm accessories. So, whenever you are out looking for the latest winter wear collection in Pakistan, the scarf is an accessory you must have included in it. It can be worn with any style you want to adopt.


The winter season is very hard in Pakistan. Especially in the northern areas of Pakistan, where the temperature falls below 200 C. Keeping your head warm when visiting these heavenly places on earth is very crucial. But, you don’t have to worry as warm beanies and traditional Peshawari hat will keep your head warm and at the same time can make you a classy & fashionable soul.


My personal favorite, sweatshirts are a must-have for any man or woman living in Pakistan. Winter wear collection in Pakistan is never complete without having some cool sweatshirt in it. There’s also a plethora of choices available for shopping fanatics to choose from the list of most trendy fashion apparel. Online shopping stores are also making it fairly easy for Pakistani markets to choose apparel that can offer a stylish look.