Various researches have defined obesity as a condition where fat accumulates in the body which becomes a risk factor for many chronic diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), and cancer, as well as adversely impacting overall health. Since obesity is not aesthetically pleasing, functional medicine work effectively to alleviate the condition as accurately as possible.

What Is The Functional Medicine Approach To Weight Loss?

People suffering from obesity have plenty of questions filled in their minds, although all shapes are termed beautiful our body is a complex mechanism. Every day we strive to be skinnier to look prettier. People work hard at gyms, jog and walk to cut down that extra fat but obesity still climbs up. Why?
Well, this may account for not one but many reasons such as the occurrence of diseases. Addressing it with mainstream medicine’s approach, you may take a drug, move more, cut down on your food intake dramatically oversimplifies the solution. But this is not it. A functional medicine doctor in Denver tends to examine the root cause of people suffering from the problem including offering dietary advice such as reducing calories, dietary fat, or eating specific foods.

The Conventional Approach

Even though plenty of diet books appear with diets or “superfoods” get positioned as “miracle cures” to melt away fat, the government tells us to not eat dietary fat, and gyms become packed with people who are determined to lose weight once and for all. But, obesity still remains at the peak which continues to skyrocket. Your practitioner will suggest increasing physical activity which will help you kill your obesity faster.

The Solution: Killing Obesity!

Every patient is different and so are their body needs. Researchers have concluded that once you lose weight, you feel more confident, and your body reduces the risk for eliminating nearly every disease including type 2 diabetes. This might take time and effort, but if you choose a holistic doctor in Denver, his comprehensive approach not only help you reach your goal weight but maintain it and great health for your lifetime.

Here are some underlying principles that can benefit you in the long run, for your weight loss:

  • Focus on the whole and real foods that are unprocessed Functional foods involve a scientific appeal about them and are heavily featured in marketing campaigns. These are always considered as a high-quality nutrient-dense diet, which may include having low starch vegetables that are plant-based.
  • Reduce sugar and other food sensitivities
    Every human consumes at least 152 pounds of sugar each year. It is important to cut down on sugary foods. Even nuts and healthy foods such as almond milk can contain hidden sugars, so inspect labels very carefully.
  • Eat Plenty of gut supporting foods
    Your chosen holistic doctor in Denver will ask you to have a fiber-rich diet. As it has been noted that many people are not eating enough high-fiber foods. You can also try a high-quality probiotic supplement that contains billions of microorganisms that can be beneficial for your immune system.
  • Manage inflammation
    Broadly speaking, we are more prone to eat way too many inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids which can contribute and pile up to obesity as well as another metabolic disease. To shift that omega ratio, dial down the inflammatory fats and increase your intake of anti-inflammatory foods.
  • Manage stress levels
    The major unnoticed factor is chronic stress that can contribute to obesity for several reasons. You are more likely to alleviate your stress levels by including deep sleep, meditation or yoga to your lifestyle.
  • Determine the right type of diet that works well for you
    Functional medicine basically underlies the biochemical individuality which means adhering a different diet plan for different people depending on their body type. For some plant-based diet benefits whereas for others a ketogenic diet works.
    Finding out what works the best for you might take some trial and error, but you’re more likely to succeed once you’ve found it.