The Treatment for Cervical Decompression in India is possible for all types of patients. In over a decade, all the patients who underwent the treatment have not suffered any post-surgical issues.

Here, the doctors possess years of experience to provide satisfactory treatment for the children as well as adults.

No matter what is the severity of the disorder, the spine surgeons of the country can fix it. Now, if we talk about the healing, with or without fusion, it entirely depends on the condition of the patient. It is possible to treat some medical situations without fusion, while some others need necessary fusion.

Continue to read the blog to have a better idea of cervical treatment without fusion in the country.

Results of Cervical Decompression Treatment in India Without the use of Fusion

Cervical decompression, along with fusion is one of the most preferred combinations for cervical issues when the patients have a severe disorder.

It is preferable, especially in conditions when the surgeons have to remove a considerable number of bones compressing the nerves to attain stability.

If a significant portion from the spinal cord is removed without fusion, then it may result in certain disorders.

The patient might not be able to attain the physical balance and suffer considerable pain. However, the surgeons have performed specific experiments in patients suffering from slip disc and other major problems in the cervical region, to complete the surgery without using the fusion during the operation.

You will be glad to know that the treatment was successful. The cervical decompression treatment without fusion on approximately 85 patients in the last five years convey the following:

  • Over 72 patients were kicking after the therapy; they had no pain and could perform all the major and minor tasks.
  • Eight patients out of them were unchanged; they did not receive any improvement in their condition, at the same time they did not suffer any complication.
  • Over 25 % of the patients had to experience neck pain after surgery. However, the state was improvable using the physiotherapy.

In short, we can say that there was no such condition that was a failure. All were considerable and improvable. None of the patients went through any severe side-effects and conditions that cannot be controlled.

Still, the doctors feel that cervical treatment without fusion needs more research and implementations. They cannot follow the cervical decompression procedure without fusion in all places.

Now, if we talk about the Cost of Cervical Decompression Treatment in India, it is already low. Now, if the surgery is done without fusion, the expenses are further reduced for the patients.

Final Words:

In short, the surgeons in India are trying to reduce the complications of cervical treatment and make the procedure affordable for a significant portion of society.

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