What will you do to promote your new business to a new client? You will certainly not start blabbering about your company every time you meet a new or potential client, right? Well, even if you do it in a succinct manner, there is a high chance that your client will nod at you and then excuse himself or herself as soon as possible. And you can bid your chance goodbye. To avoid this happenstance, the best way is to use business cards.

Business cards are your perfect business prologues. They are the means to provide the perfect introduction of your company to your client and that too in the most attractive manner. Opting for business card printing allows you to design customized business cards that reflect your brand’s personality and provide you with an edge over your competitors.

However, using your business cards in the right way is also important. Like any other promotional tool, the right etiquettes are what will help you promote your brand better.

Here are 5 business card etiquettes that will help you garner strong customer relationships:

  1. Style– Based on the type of business you have, online printingallows you choose from a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes to give your business cards the perfect design that represents and complements your brand.

If you are in a more serious nature of businesses, like finance, it’s usually better to opt for a standard size business card (i.e., 3.5 x 2 inch). These are the most inexpensive and provide a more long-lasting impression of your business in the minds of your clients. For a business that has a more creative side to it, opting for shaped business cards printingis very effective. Choose from a variety of shapes like round, octagon, oval or triangle among many others that you think represents your brand’s personality the best.

  • Information and presentationOnline Business Cards Printing allows you to incorporate information in a manner just the way you like it. But this should not influence you to add everything you can into your business cards. A good business card is not one which carries all the info about your company but only the necessary info which your client is ought to know at the first meet. This includes company and job title, your full name, contact details, phone number, and email id.

If you carry social media accounts or have a creative business, you can include those URLs and IDs. You can also incorporate QR codes to enable your clients to access your website.

  • Timing– This is also crucial. Just randomly handing out your business cards shows a lack of professionalism and cheapness. There is a right moment for everything and so it is in this case. Bring out your business card only during meetings and functions and not while having casual meets. This can hurt your reputation real bad.

A good way to establish a strong partnership is to bring out your business card right at the beginning of a business meeting. Chances are that they will hand over theirs and you will get to know each other better and build trust.

  • Storage– It is important to keep your business cards with care. Opt to store them in cases or covers. Damaged or stained business cards can certainly lead to long term losses of partnerships. Online printing services providersallow UV coating which prevents wear-and-tear of your business cards for longer periods of time.

A comfortable and accessible storage lets you bring out your business card in time. Taking too long will make your contact turn disinterested. It leads to the loss of impression.

  • Receiving a business card: This is something everybody needs to do. This is an underrated etiquette and should be followed religiously. Just as you have put effort behind your business card, so has your contact. Hence, always smile and give it a look before putting it in a safe location. This shows respect and effort. Compliments are also welcome.

Online printing of business cards allows you to shape and style them according to your brand’s personality. However, keeping these 5 etiquettes will further help you establish your relationship with your contact in a sober yet strong manner.