Amazing food trends at the wedding have excited all of us always. Don’t you think that food is the main attraction at weddings? Whenever we are going to attend a wedding, isn’t it in our mind that what is on the wedding food menu? Come on, let’s just accept the fact that food is our topmost priority at a wedding!!

By keeping this thing in mind, the food industry has adopted many changes and trends. Let me tell you about my sister’s wedding where we took services of wedding caterers in Kolkata. They provided us top catering services with the latest food trends. Everyone was talking about the great services they gave.

At that time, I got aware of all the top food trends that we can have at the wedding. For having the best food services, hire the best wedding caterers in the city as food is the most important aspect of a wedding. As a host, we know that you want only best for your guests and an outdated buffet will never be appreciated by them? That’s why we are here with the latest food trends of 2019 that will be surely appreciated by your guests.

Do-It-Yourself Counters for More Entertainment

Nowadays people are trying this food trend as this can be done for waffle carts, salad bars, and chaat counters. This trend will also help you to make a simple wedding much better when your guests will take these dishes by themselves.

They can customize this food as per their choice and that will be the best part. It will keep them entertained as well.

Meal on Wheels By ‘Food Trucks’

I think this trend will go far as this is the easiest and most creative way of serving food to the guests. People who look for a more approachable method to serve food, it is for them!!

Food in small plates with an approach of farm-to-fork can be continued in this space. You can also decorate the food truck as per your preference so that it will look tempting and your guests will like it.

Local and Street Food

Street food is a much popular food these days!! It would be great if you can provide the local food also to your guests with this tasty street food. It will give an ethnic touch to your wedding food menu.

For a different kind of menu, you can try various dishes of the street and local food for celebrating the cuisine.

Organic Food Is A ‘Must’ Food Trend

People are becoming more fitness freak these days and, in this order, they are eating as much healthy food as they can. For not gaining extra calories, nothing is a better option than organic fresh foodof the farm.

It will be better for the diet conscious wedding guests and for the fitness freak couples too!! Just try it as they will be happy to see organic food at a wedding.

Customized Beverages for Adding Fun

Beverages are known as the topmost companion of the food. Those days are gone when you have only 4 to 5 options in wedding beverages, now you will see amazing changes in this category.

With the different and special flavors, you will get to know about the bride and the groom through the drink’s name. It will be relevant to the couple that will make the beverage’s part interesting.

Celebrity Chefs with Their Signature Dishes

As you know, people invite the celebrities for a special performance at their wedding so, inviting the celebrity chefs is now no more a big deal. Every chef has a signature dish that only he can cook well because that dish belongs to him. It will be amazing if he can come himself to cook that signature dish.

It will be a surprise for your wedding guests also if something is served them straight out of the kitchen of a celebrity chef.

So, these are some latest wedding food trends of 2019 for making the wedding wonderful and mesmerizing. Everybody wants to make their guests happy and for that, applying these trends at the wedding is the best way.


People love to enjoy their time in the marriage event. Therefore, if you want to become one of the Best Wedding Photographers In Mumbai, you must do your utmost to provide a fantastic experience for the guests. It is not necessary to be extravagant, but you can try small things which will make the guests feel welcome. In this blog, we will share with you a few small things to do for the guest that some of the best wedding planners in India have shared with us.

1). Give them welcome gifts: Giving small gifts to the guest at a wedding event is a great idea. Everybody loves a bit of pampering and wedding guests are no exception to this rule. You can design a welcome gift with a strong connection to the theme of the wedding. This all will make the guest feel special.

2). Range of refreshment options: Offering refreshments to the wedding guests is very important to make them feel welcome. It is important that you should offer them chilled drinks when they arrive, which they can enjoy while having a tete a tete with other wedding guests. There is a range of chilled drinks that you can offer them including fresh juice, lemonade, aerated drinks and so on. If the wedding is organized during the winter season, then you can offer the guests hot tea or coffee.

3). Offer phone charging stations: Nowadays smartphones are a very important part of our lives. People love to take photos, selfies, videos and wedding events. Some youngsters also love to browse social media accounts. All these activities can take a heavy toll on the battery charge. Therefore, it is important that you provide an adequate number of charging spots where your guests can go and charge their smartphones.

4). Keep them warm: One of the popular themes amongst the top wedding photographers in Udaipur is to organize an outside wedding event in a sprawling farmhouse. While this looks romantic, but if it is done on in the winter months, then it can make the guests feel uncomfortable due to excessive cold. For such an occasion, you must provide your guests with some comfortable stoles that will keep them warm in the chilly weather.

5). Provide them hangover kits: Wedding event is the time and place where people love to let go of their inhibition and guzzle down drinks like there is no tomorrow. To help them snap out of the stupor, you can provide them with hangover kits.

6). Offer shades: If you are organizing a wedding event right next to a beach during the daytime, then you can offer your wedding guests sunglasses to keep their eyes cool. A beach umbrella will also be very helpful during the beach themed wedding event.

7). A widespread of tasty dishes: Food is one of the things that can make the wedding event truly memorable. Therefore, hire the best cook you know of to make mouthwatering dishes. Make sure that there is adequate food for everybody.

8). Special place for children: It is important to create a special place for children to play and spend their time. This is important so that the adults can enjoy their time without worrying about how to keep their children engaged.