Are you worried about your child’s safety in the volatile digital world? Are you looking for the best spy parental control apps to keep an eye on your child?

Children, the most prolific users of social media, spend a considerable amount of their time interacting through it. Having started with technology at a very young age, they require using it for almost all purposes, be it entertainment or learning.

But they lack the emotional and social experience of adults when it comes to navigating the digital world. Kids are unaware of how to deal with online hazards, such as cyberbullying, cyberstalking, online predation.

In such a scenario, a responsible parent is always concerned about their children’s safety. No matter how much you try, but you can’t be there with your child all the time. Let us find out what are the best spy parental control apps allowing you to monitor your child and create a safer digital passage for them to roam in.

5 Best spy parental control apps to keep an eye on the kid’s phone

Bit Guardian Parental Control

  • Bit Guardian is one of the best parental control apps, offering a reasonable seven-day trial before subscribing to the premium plan.
  • It allows parents to block inappropriate apps and calls, limit screen time, set a schedule, and more.
  • With GPS, you can create a geofencing – virtual boundary around your child, getting notifications whenever they cross the area.
  • A child can also send a panic alert – SOS in a moment of crisis. Parents get the exact location and can take the necessary step to rescue a child.


@   mSpy

  • mSpy, the kid’s safety app, has 25 useful features and is well-known for efficient and smooth working.
  • It permits a parent to keep an eye on the child’s phone by remotely monitoring calls, SMS, keystrokes, photos, internet usage, and even social media on their devices.  
  • With the location tracking feature, a parent gets to know the current whereabouts of a child.


@    Quester

  • This child monitoring app helps you to monitor everything from your children’s phone, such as call log with voice recording, SMS, photos, location, contacts, app usage, email notification with usage information.
  • Quester does everything discreetly without the child having any idea about it.
  • A parent can listen to the audio from the phone and can take screenshots.


@    SecureTeen

  • It allows you to filter your child’s online activity in real-time and block access to inappropriate content present on the internet.
  • You can block the apps you find unsuitable – permanently or for certain hours of the day.
  • A parent can remain prepared for an emergency by knowing a child’s whereabouts and tracking their location.
  • It lets you monitor, control, and secure your child’s online experience from anywhere in the world at any given time.


@   Spyzie

  • Spyzie allows you to remotely block unwanted and distracting apps on your children’s phones and also to set time limits for your children’s devices
  • A parent can access text messages, multi-media files, and instant messages (incoming and outgoing).
  • It is possible to monitor internet usage by scanning internet browsing history, bookmarks, and websites URL.
  • Being a great GPS tracker, this child phone monitoring app enables a parent to delete all data remotely or lock the device so that no one can access their children’s personal information.

Once the kids reach a certain age, parents have to resort to their demand for owning a smartphone. The internet world is immense, no doubt, and at times it can be dangerous.

Since parents’ lives also revolve around the devices, it is a smart move to use technology to your advantage for ensuring the kids’ safety.

Use spy parental control apps to monitor your child in the digital world.