It’s human nature to want to step in and help when you feel someone is struggling. If you feel the new parents you know are struggling with their life, and want to help, there are several ways to do so tactfully. Here are a few that may be of great help…

Lend A Supportive, And Experienced, Ear

If this is not their very first baby, then they may not be confused about what to do; but can still be exhausted and struggling to keep the family running. At a moment like this, a caring hug, and an attentive ear will be more appreciated than you’d imagine. If this is their first baby, an experience person letting them know they’re doing good, and that it’s normal to struggle as much as they seem to be will be greatly reassuring.

Support Them Financially If Possible

Going on maternity and paternity leave after the baby is born can certainly make the first few months with a new baby less exhausting; but this also means the family’s income get affected in a way. Everyone knows having a baby is expensive, so any financial aid will be most welcome during this period. However, you’ll need to be very tactful when gifting them money, as this can not only offend some people, but also hurt their pride. We suggest asking them about offering financial aid only if you happen to be a relative.

Baby shops
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Be Smart When Giving Gifts for The Newborn

If you’re not a relative, but still wish aid them financially, we suggest doing so tactfully. If you’re yet to gift the newborn a gift, consider giving them a voucher to baby shops. This makes it easier on them to buy the necessary things; like cots, prams or even car seats. Don’t worry if you’re not able to gift them a large amount. Your card can even be used for necessities like wipes and diapers¾which can be more expensive than you’d think!

Drop Off A Meal or Two When “Passing By”

If you’re skilled in the kitchen, make a habit of dropping off food once in a while. Make sure it’s freezer friendly, so that they can save it and use it on a day they don’t have the energy to cook. Call ahead, and feel out if they’re up for a visit. If they’re not, just drop off the food. Remember that this is a trying period, and socializing may not be on the top of their list these days…

Offer to Do A Few Of Their Outdoor Chores

Of course,you are close to the new parents, offer to do a few of their outdoor chores for them. Simple things grabbing the grocery or paying the utility bills can be hard to do when you’re at the beck and call of a demanding infant, so having someone offer to do this can lighten their load of chores to do significantly. If they feel bad about you doing their grocery shopping, offer to do it while you’re doing your own shopping; saving time.

Take Over Baby Duties For A Few Hours So That They Get “Couple Time”

If they have other children to take care of, caring for them while seeing to the needs of the newborn may be the reason they are struggling. Offer to babysit the older kids once in a while. If the newborn is their only child, offer to take care of the baby for a few hours so that they can get in a few solid hours of sleep, or go for a much-needed date…