The dream destination for any scholar who is academically driven is to seek admissions abroad. The ultimate aim is to seek the top-of-the-line international university for the same. After all, what you sow you reap. If during his academic pursuit a student thinks of attaining an international scholarship program his dreams are generally thwarted with the first question that crosses his mind, “Where am I going to generate the revenue for studying abroad”. The financial pressure is so high that students may never come through their dreams, but for the hundreds of scholarships offered by a host of countries to deserving candidates. 

For the excellent, with so many options, it can be intimidating to find the exact scholarship that is applicable to your needs. SAT/ACT and GPA requirements help you decide the scholarships that you are likely to get through. A score is as good as 1400 or 32 ACT with a 3.0 GPA which is the only grade that fetches you free tuition, room and board.   

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This article highlights some top of the line universities for scholarship programs for international students. Some of the priceless scholarship options available for undergraduate students in the four of the most popular study abroad destinations with Government-funded international scholarships are in Australia, Canada, Germany and the USA. They are:

Fulbright Scholarships (USA)

Fulbright scholarship, the most prestigious scholarship programme in the USA which also cognates to an international flagship programme is between the USA and 155 other countries. The scholarship, as the word entails, caters to full bright students placed internationally. This is by far the only scholarship that is complete in itself as it caters to a students’  tuition fees, books, too and from a fare, a stipend for living with insurance. 

Mostly, a full scholarship entails every detail of the student’s requirement until the academic degree comes through. However, some scholarships also come through with the recommendation from a professor after collecting the important details or even from a recommendation of a student.  

Chevening Scholarships (UK) 

This global scholarship program of the United Kingdom has scholarships fund coming to international students who account for up to 1000 or more by the British government. These students are exceptionally academically inclined and are from as many as 130 countries. This scholarship is for accomplishing a Masters’s in the UK. The Chevening, like the Fullbright, covers all expenses of the students during his study period. 

Australia Awards Scholarships.

The Australia Awards Scholarships, a scholarship program that is much sought after lately is a long-term development award initiated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia. They have special favors for international students from developing countries. Here too, students avail similar scholarships like the ones mentioned above.  

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme (France) 

This Scholarship Programme is for participating in French Universities. The scholarship here qualifies for the Masters and Ph.D. degree programs, wherein, a monthly allowance in addition to the travel, health, and cultural insurance expenses are provided to scholars devoid of the tuition fee. 

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships (Switzerland)

It aims for awarding postgraduate and Ph.D. scholarship to deserving researchers who are academically driven to excel in any field of their choice in one of the recognized institutions in Switzerland. This scholarship like the Fulbright and the Chevening covers all amenities required by the students.

University-funded International Scholarships that international students seek to qualify are

Gates Cambridge Scholarships (UK) 

This Scholarship makes a clarion call to all deserving students placed internationally from over the world. It provides a full-cost award to about 100 internationally placed students for any graduate study or research for all subjects available at the University of Cambridge. They too are an all comprehensive scholarship for students taking care of all their initiatives.

Clarendon Scholarship at The University of Oxford

This particular scholarship, The Clarendon Scholarship at Oxford, funds as much as 140 new students every year that also includes international students at Oxford. This scholarship is awarded to academically brilliant students who have demonstrated their potential. The scholarship covers tuition as well as college fee and a stipend by way of living expenses. 

The Rhodes Scholarship is another postgraduate scholarship awarded here that supports exceptionally brilliant international students from a select few countries to Oxford. 

Schwarzman Scholars Program 

The much sought after scholarship in today’s date is Tsinghua University’s Schwarzman Scholars Program that churns out the next generations global leaders. It follows a one-year Master’s degree course and is working in response to the geopolitical landscape in the turn of the Millenial. It aims to promote business excellence and leadership qualities among its students. Some of the features of the scholarship entail tuition fees, travel to and from university in Beijing and modest personal livelihood support. Some of the world’s brightest students recently are also aiming for this University in Beijing. 

Final Word:

If you are one of the erudite looking for serious intellectual stimulation to pursue your academic sojourn, the aforementioned university scholarships for international students are a beckon to realize your dreams. Someone has rightly put across, that a dream cannot become a reality only by way of magic. But it takes hard work, determination, and sweat to see them through. And it’s about time you give it a thought in the new era that just took off if you belong to the category of academically driven brilliance!  

In this article, Online Assignment Help will discuss organisational development at McDonald’s.


McDonald’s is a worldwide food chain industry, which began its activities in the 1940s. McDonald’s idea was introduced by Brand Dick and Maurice McDonald, opening a ‘Cheeseburger Stall’ in San Bernardino, California. McDonald’s started its business by selling burgers instead of kitchen tasks.

Data Collection and Analysis

Fast food McDonald’s is using data analysis software to increase customer service and sales at its outlets. The organization has institutionalized reporting programming in every aspect of its items, to evaluate new product and business practices tests and to evaluate the achievement of innovation activity.

Findings: The Loss

This was in 1996 when McDonald’s steadily decreased sales for four quarters, which continued until 2004. The organization was losing its image and not focusing on delivering ‘exceptional American food’. McDonald’s was losing its grip in one of the world’s most preferred destination for fast food lovers around the world.


The organization focused on reconstruction and development and increased its activities. With its execution, the organization can regain its position within the livelihood business.

Performance Management

The PDS was designed to drive the performance and growth of employees.

Align personal performance goals with the business. Performance evaluation is based on what is done and how it is done. Procedure for identifying employees ready for improvement.

Workplace Diversity

McDonald’s is concerned about legal and gender diversity to meet legally mandated requirements. McDonald’s has met the affirmative action quota for the workforce. McDonald’s leads with the concept of the institution’s endorsement of policies for minority members, which deliberately capitalize on gender and security diversity.

Performance Management

McDonald’s employees receive performance based on the abilities important to their role. The audit takes place twice per year and can measure performance, set goals, and talk about worker training and advancement needs.

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