Are you looking to invest in a brand new air conditioner this ensuing summer? Congratulations! An AC is the best thing that you can invest in getting quick and hassle-free respite from hot and humid summer days when your fan and air coolers fail to work. 

However, before you go ahead and bring home a Lloyd AC or any other brand, it would be smart to keep a few things in your mind beforehand. This way, you will be able to bring home the best inverter AC or a conventional one as per your budget. Read on!

  • Split or window 

ACs come in either split or window type in the market. A split AC is the best to go for if you want to have a proper air distribution. But the price of a split AC is higher than a window AC. A window AC may not be suitable to look at (if looks matter for you) but are affordably priced and help you save around Rs.4,000-5,000 compared to split ACs. A window AC may also produce so much noise that it may disturb your sleep. On the other hand, a split AC ensures a quiet performance.

  • Tonnage and room size

The next thing that may confuse you in buying the best AC is the tonnage capacity and the proper room size to fit your machine. You should go for a 1 Ton inverter AC if you have a small room. But you will need to have a 1.5 ton AC for sure while installing in a medium to a large room. The price of an AC increases with its tonnage capacity. 

  • Inverter or non-inverter AC 

An inverter AC is the latest breed in the market that you can go for if you want to enjoy a comfortable summer without worrying about the power bills. As the name suggests, an inverter is an inverter AC is utilized to adjust the temperature so that the machine works at diverse capacities as per the room’s temperature.

On the other hand, a non-inverter AC’s compressor starts each time there is a fluctuation in room’ temperature. It means that it will end up having a higher power consumption leading to bigger energy bills. On the other hand, an inverter AC comes with a lower consumption of power but with higher energy efficiency. Compared to a non-inverter AC, you may save up to 20-30% on power bills while installing an inverter AC in your home.

  • Always compare among brands and then only buy

The Indian market for air conditioners is packed with so many models from established, new and emerging brands with multiple features and under different price models. It may confuse a potential buyer when it comes to bringing home the best model.

Thus, the best thing would be to land on a third-party website and compare the features and prices of all AC across brands free. This way, you may shortlist some models that may best match your expectations and price range. Eventually, you will be able to find that AC that you were looking for under your price bucket. 

The best brands in India for buying an air conditioner are Voltas, Samsung, LG, Daikin, Hitachi, and Blue Star. The market is also flooded with emerging brands such as Lloyd, Haier, Sansui, Onida, Whirlpool and others. While choosing the best AC in India, you should also focus on getting a warranty for a longer period, along with their after-sales and customer support service. It will help you get your air conditioner serviced for free and urgently if there are a few issues troubling it.