The exponential growth of the human population on Earth also increasing the demand for generators in our daily lives. We all use the generator for producing electricity for our home, office, warehouse and other building when power off. There is various type of generator we use in our daily life which depends on their size, fuel type, and power. 

These generators also increase noise pollution in our environment which a silent threat to living beings. Therefore we use acoustic generators canopies to reduce the noise created by various organizations.

We use Acoustic generator canopies to reduce generator noise and provide protection from unwanted problems. These canopies help protect our generator from rust water, wind, soil and other materials that affect the generator.

EO Energy Company can give a standard scope of DG set acoustic generator canopies extending from 5 kVA to 2000 kVA. These acoustic generator canopies are offered to different details with various generators, explicitly intended for use with diesel motor-generator sets. They primarily comprise of drop on plan, albeit a completely de-mountable choice is accessible for applications where establishment space is restricted. The drop-over plan has the upside of diminished establishment time, snappy access to the generator set for quick significant support, fundamental weatherproofing and can be re-utilized at elective destinations. 

We have likewise built up our ability to offering modified items to address the issues of our clients. We utilize subjective crude materials, which guarantee their solidness and productivity for long haul use. 

All our generator fenced in areas are intended to permit the most extreme yearning and cooling wind stream, with the goal that the motor doesn’t overheat. Climate louvers, acoustic louvers, splitters and astounds are given to stifle the commotion where required. 

Acoustic enclosed in areas will be changed by the client’s prerequisites. The external dividers of the nook are generally made of CRCA steel sheeting with a thickness of 1.6–2 mm, and are inside lined to address your issues. The fixing material is secured with the Rockwool GI punctured sheet. 

Acoustic walled in areas for diesel motors (generator sets) need to deal with goal and cooling wind current by means of delta and outlet attenuators, acoustic louvers, or baffles and give adaptable associations from the radiator to the outlet. 

The work of art of the hardware can be joined into our assembling and will change from completing with machine lacquer to two-pack epoxy, powder covering, or different choices. 

Parts of Acoustic Generator Canopy

  1. An exhaust system
  2. Hot airflow path
  3. Anti-vibration base for safety 
  4. An emergency button
  5. A generator control unit with a display screen
  6. Output cable slot
  7. Oil discharge slot
  8. Lift the hook
  9. Alternator maintenance slot
  10. Fuel input slot
  11. Removable Airflow Input Unit
  12. A portable fuel tank unit
  13. Portable fuel tank unit slot

Manufacturing facility of Acoustic Generator Canopies

The manufacturing facility of our generator canopies are as follows:

  • Modular design
  • Compact yet huge
  • The fuel tank and standard control room is fitted inside the canopy.
  • Best quality sheet metal, insulation materials, SS door hinges, and heavy-duty door locks.
  • A set of two-doors on both sides of the canopy along the length for better access leading to easier maintenance and service.
  • The entrance to the radiator room for ease of radiator servicing.
  • Both down and uplift options
  • Long-lasting powder-coated paint finish

Acoustic Generator canopies specifications

All generator canopy specification depends on the size, power, noise and other requirements of the generators. In the market, there are different types of generators available according to the customer’s needs. The canopy of the generators also depends on the type of generators because every canopy has its own specialty, features, and quality.

Before purchasing a generator canopy we need to check these following features are present in the canopy or not.

  • How much noise level maintains by the canopy.
  • Generators canopy are durable and fully detachable or not.
  • Canopy has the provision for proper cooling system or not
  • Is there availability of anti-vibration mountings and expansion bellows in the canopy which maintains low vibrations.
  • Suitable for all weathers
  • Proper Air Ventilation System present in the canopy or not.
  • For easy maintenance, there are doors provided on all sides.
  • Acoustic generator canopies dimensions depend on the size, requirement, and space where you want to put your generator with their canopy.


In this blog, we describe all about acoustic generator canopies. I hope this blog is very useful for all readers. If you would like more information related to generators, you can visit our EO Energy site. They provide all services related to your industrial generator.